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For anyone not aware, there is a vote THIS MONTH to save bus service in King County. If you get a ballot in the mail, pleas do vote. We need every vote we can get in these low turn out April ballots.

If you know anyone in King County who votes, let them know. Lack of knowledge if this vote is the most serious problem we have... support would be strong if we could turn people out to vote.

+Noelle M +Renaud Lepage

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Seattle in bloom

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Cool rail advocacy map that popped up on my Twitter feed. How much easier would it be to get around the Puget Sound region if we had all of this?

These are the guys trying to make it happen:

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What do you guys think of this gondola idea?
Bikes should fit on the proposed downtown gondola, would you use it? #SEAbikes

Imagine a gondola from the waterfront to the convention center with a stop at Pike Place Market. Now imagine that you can bring your bike on board. Would you use it? That’s the plan that Pier 57 and Waterfront Ferris Wheel owner Hal Griffith announced…

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Any one else blown away about this project's ability to just keep getting worse? I thought it was bad enough when we supposedly were stopped by steel pipes that were accidentially left in its path...

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Best fortune cookie ever? I'm not even really sure what this is trying to say...


Its interesting to watch how much growth in Seattle is ramping up north of the canal (not just Downtown, Capitol Hill and Ballard). To me its further evidence that we should be strongly considering an east-west transit line between Ballard and UW.. not just for Ballard and UW but for the growing neighborhoods in between them.

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If you are interested in getting more high capacity transit in the Seattle area, you may want to got to this tonight:

From Seattle Subway:
This Thursday Sound Transit will present its updated options for Ballard to Downtown rail! The 8 options we saw last summer have been whittled down to 5, and they're taking your comments on where they should go next. Please show up and let them know you support fast, reliable, grade-separated transit! 5:30pm Thursday at Ballard High School.

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To anyone and everyone who lives in Washington State. The bus cuts are coming to Seattle and King County soon and its all thanks to the State Senate (specifically the Republicans), who seem to think transportation is unimportant enough to play political football with.

80% of all routes are facing cuts and several bus routes are being eliminated all together. Many of our bus routes were already standing room only on the buses and with these cuts you will see a lot more people having no choice but to get back in their cars, making the traffic problem in this part of the state even worse than it already is.

We are facing big cuts and the Senate won't even give King County and Seattle more authority to tax ITSELF to fix the problem.

If you care about transportation in this state and care about fairness (like letting cities solve their own problems) then let your state Senate representative know that you find these political games unacceptable.

I almost got hit walking across a well lit crosswalk with a protected walk light on Holman ave by someone taking a left at the light this evening.

The driver started driving after I was about mid way through the intersection, so I had no time to react. Only me yelling at the top of my lungs and her slamming on her brakes saved me from being hit.

She at least stopped and apologised.

Please stop rushing things people, you are going to kill someone!
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