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Anita Joon
Provideing SEO tips to brands
Provideing SEO tips to brands

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Instant Nginx Starter [Instant] for the beginners...

We are so exiting to announce the release of nginx-1.4.0 stable, incorporating many new features developed in the 1.3.x branch - support for proxying of WebSocket connections, OCSP stapling, SPDY module, gunzip filter and more.

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Packt is going to publish a book by Dimitri Aivaliotis "Mastering Nginx".

- An in-depth configuration guide to help you understand how to best configure NGINX for any situation
- Includes useful code samples to help you integrate NGINX into your application architecture
- Full of example configuration snippets, best-practice descriptions, and reference tables for each directive

Happy to announce: PHP 5.5.0 alpha6 released

You can read the full list of changes in the NEWS file contained in the release archive.
For source downloads of PHP 5.5.0alpha6 please visit the download page, Windows binaries can be found on
Our first beta should show up on 21st of March.
Thank you for supporting PHP.

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WE are happy to announce that is up and running.

Currently working on the new ajax filtering system.

nginx-1.2.7 stable version has been released

Changes with nginx 1.2.7 12 Feb 2013 *) Change: now if the "include" directive with mask is used on Unix systems, included files are sorted in alphabetical order. *)
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