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I have a '99 Durango with just shy of 150K on the odometer. It starts and idles o.k. (I do need to replace the fuel pump due to a bad check valve) but my problem is that while it idles just fine, it surges when in gear (drive) and creeping along with little throttle pressure is being applied. Over 1000 RPM in gear is fine. It has been doing this for quite awhile, but I'd like to get this solved. I've already replaced the TPS, I was leaning toward cleaning/replacing the IAC and cleaning the throttle body. I'd appreciate your input.

Scotty, on my '99 Durango (5.2L 138K miles) I was doing the first oil change (since I purchased it 3 weeks ago) on it myself.  Draining the oil from the drain pan was a piece of cake. The filter on the other hand was in EXTREMELY tight.  I ended up having to use a pry bar and hammer to get it off (yes, I punched a hole through the filter and hammered it counterclockwise to loosen it). Putting on the new filter I coated the gasket with some used oil and spun it on until it made contact with the mating surface, then gave it an extra 1/4 turn. After filling with oil and started it up. Checked the filter and it had a constant drip. I shut off the engine off and tightened the filter as tight as I could by hand and it slowed it down to a bare drip. I don't want to over tighten the oil filter.  Any suggestions?

I recently purchased a 1999 Dodge Durango. The ignition switch turns o. k. until you try to start it and then you have to use more force than normal to get it to engage the starter. If you don't use that extra force, the speedometer will go up to about 40 and it triggers a check engine light (which has no codes that my scanner can detect).  Eventually after a few starts, the CEL goes away, but I'm thinking that since the ignition switch is a direct contact switch, it may be going bad..  BTW, the vehicle has 137K miles on it.
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