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Is your #Jesus more offended by enemy killing or by you saying "the F word"? ~ Scott Phillips


This was the beginning of a string of responses on #Facebook ....... of course everybody is talking about the F... word and IGNORING the love your #enemy part.

Typical of religion. 

Why can't you see that your government(s) is using your men and women to go after whatever fills "their" bank accounts. Why do you not see that warmongers are protecting their wealth, their interests, their dynasties,.....???? Your NOT so "elected" but chosen leaders are pawns, puppets, phony,.......YOU think you are "electing" your officials but you are playing right into their game. Why can't you see that ALL news media is controlled by the same sources????? ALL that the majority of politicians are is just puppets for these corporations and they are ALL in bed together. These corporations that do not give a FUCK about you and or anybody else. 

#People are you really that blind????? 

"Obviously #ISIS are #Israeli and #American mercenaries posing as arabs. That's why the Israeli air force help them by attacking Syria, Israelis give ISIS medical care, US drops supplies to ISIS, and an "ISIS" guy was spotted with a US army tattoo. Real #Arab freedom fighters would attack the #zionist regime which is mass-murdering innocent Arab people!."

When are you going to wake up and see that ALL this war is about what is behind the scenes the "real" rulers, controllers, manipulators,.....and what they want. Poppy Fields, Oil,.....and whatever else the ruling classes have their asses into. 

When are you going to WAKE THE #FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LeRae McBroom

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You can take God's love and nail it to the cross, and it still loves you enough to come back from the dead, hunt you down just to tell you that you are forgiven and He has made the decision to live with you forever... (From this coming Sunday teaching "Love Without Limits") ~ Pastor Don Keathley
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LeRae McBroom

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‪#‎real‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎peace‬ ‪#‎answers‬ ‪#‎solutions‬ ‪#‎un‬ ‪#‎offend‬ able ‪#‎eddievedder‬ ‪#‎war‬
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LeRae McBroom

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"When you are finally willing to be ‪#‎wrong‬ about everything you think you know then you will be free."

"Everybody seems to be exploring [ ‪#‎Consciousness‬ ] from within their own self-made box. If we want to be true explorers of consciousness, we must make a concerted effort to ‪#‎destroy‬ that ‪#‎box‬. Every ‪#‎belief‬ that you hold is a wall; I don't care how endearing it may be, if it's ‪#‎man‬-made, it's flawed." ‪#‎WilliamBuhlman‬ 
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LeRae McBroom

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Hurting people hurt people!!!!

If you are in "law" enforcement and act like this YOU do NOT REAL love YOUrself. This is the epitome of one that does NOT REAL love love himself. And ya wonder why YOUr marriage is in the toilet???And ya wonder why YOUr personal relationship suck????? And ya wonder why no one wants to be around YOU?????
'You're not going to go pee,' the cop answers. Moments later, the cop reaches back and smacks the man across his face.
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This is what happens when one functions in, lives in, promotes, partakes in, creates,.....#fear fear fear....ALL #negative emotional states are different forms, degrees, aspects of fear.....and if YOU are the source and or part of it it is going to bite YOUr #ass just like a half frozen #rattlesnake when it thaws out.

So if #YOU are part of the #Matrix manipulators, fear mongers, controllers....I suggest ya find a new #profession and get out of the #death #star that YOU have created because it is in melt down mode✿¸¸.•°*”°•.•✿¸.•°”*°•.•.¸
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LeRae McBroom

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Water Spout, Liguria, Italy
Credit: Surreal

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Really living is a choice! After spending the first 40 years of my life blaming others, pointing the finger at God, the devil, spouse, kids, government, .... I realized I had three fingers pointing back at me. Choose life and LIVE!!!

I have had the honor of helping others in natural health for the past 20 years. I was introduced to the amazing world of self care at the age of 26. I had all kinds of symptoms but no insurance or the money to afford our "wonderful western medical system, Thank God!!!" A friend told me about master herbalist in town, Patricia Parker, and the rest is my life today.

I have been blessed with educating and empowering others to take care and charge of their own lives, health, happiness....I have found when I point the finger at someone else or give someone else my life, health, happiness...I am not taking responsibility. I am giving away the essence of the very life God has given me to live life to the fullest.
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8 years ago my husband manifested cancer in his body went home to be with Jesus and left me penniless and 3 pre- teens. I had a choice continue to be the nasty, hateful, fault finding, .....religious, legalistic, do's, don'ts, works mentality, holier than thou, in church 3x a week, plus books, cd's, and extra meetings during the week,... guilt ridden, accusing, fear..... self righteous bitch OR change. I chose to change. I have so changed in the past 8 years that close family members and (at times my 3 darling daughters) have accused me of being too positive, too hopeful, too encouraging .... I have told them all, " There is the door; don't let it hit you in the butt when you leave." If you are not available to change internally and emotionally you will gain it all back plus some, get sicker, fatter and........ If you are under a lot of stress/fear i.e. anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, hopelessness, worry, hate, poor self esteem, no dignity, no worth..... gaining the weight back, sickness,.... dis-ease is guaranteed. Those who choose to flow in negative energy will have a lowered immune response, challenged memory, gain your weight back and eventually get sicker. I have been in natural health for 20+ years and those who did everything "healthy" i.e. herbs, supplements, organic this and that, purified water, purified air, ..... but did/do not deal with their internal energy flow/negative emotional states are no longer with us. Their programs do not work at all, long term, or they are just getting sicker and fatter by the moment even though they are "doing healthy". I was a member of the later for 13 years. Eight years ago I had an epiphany and went 180 degrees in the opposite direction and these 8 year have been incredible, awesome, fun, exciting....... physically, financially, relationship, mental....spirit, soul and body. Yes, shit hits the fan everyday but I have a choice to live in answers solutions, possibilities, ....or turn it into fertilizer and sell it. Who Switched Off My Brain, 3o years of research by Dr Carolina Leaf; The Heart’s Code, Paul Pearsall, Ph.d.; The HeartMath Solution, Childre and Martin; Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert, Researcher; The Genie In Your Genes, Dawson Church Ph.D.; The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Deadly Emotions, Dr. Don Colbert, MD; Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, Marci Shimoff; The Gospel of Peace and Grace: The Power to Change, The Anatomy of a Miracle, Heart Physics Program (, Dr. James B. Richards; Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting, Lyn Grabhorn; Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto and The Secret DVD and are just some of the resources I have been suggesting to my friends . Those that "get it" and change the energy they are flowing in are seeing all of their nutritional, HCG, health and maintenance programs work so much better, quicker, and long term. The science, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, medical science and research, across the globe is in we have made ourselves fat and sick. It is NOT God, the devil(he has been defeated), spouse, government, jobs, Hollywood, music, kids, in-laws, out-laws, germs, is ME. I am the one in control of my life, health, future,....When I point the finger at someone or something else I have 3 pointing back at me. When you are flowing in REAL love based emotions you are releasing chemicals and hormones that increase your immune system, increase your memory, keep the fat off, protect your cells and DNA. When we love ourselves, honor ourselves, and respect ourselves every cell we have believes the same. When you are in fear based energy/ negative emotions long term you are producing chemicals and hormones in your body that do just the opposite. Yes, shit hits the fan everyday but I have a choice to live in answers, solutions, possibilities, ....or turn it into fertilizer and sell it.
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