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I didn't get my timelapse, thanks to stupid cloud cover, but I did get this gem. I'm quite fond of it!

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Some interesting facts about this shot:

Yes, it's actually the Sun. The real deal! The black circle is the Moon!

Those black spots are super heated helium gas rising to the surface of the sun. They burn at about 6,000° Celsius. Were you to isolate one in the sky, it would be just as bright as the Sun. The temperature contrast between the relatively cool spots, and the surrounding surface makes them appear black.

The grainy look is actually texture created by roiling gas moving on the surface of the star. The white patches near the top are tens of thousands of degrees Celsius in temperature.

See that larger black spot in the middle? You could fit 2-3 Earths in that hole. Serious business!

The edges of the Sun and Moon appear all squiggly due to gases moving around in our atmosphere, causing turbulence.
Very very nice. :) Thanks for letting me use it!
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