Maple Ridge Paintball
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Today 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
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14448 224 St Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2P8 Canada
14448 224 StreetCABritish ColumbiaMaple RidgeV4R 2P8
Paintball CenterToday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday ClosedTuesday ClosedWednesday ClosedThursday ClosedFriday ClosedSaturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pmSunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Outdoor paintball field - Open weekends at 10am - 604-466-2744
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"Maple Ridge paintball is completely isolated from civilization."
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"This unfortunately happen to me and I was kicked out."
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Ray W's profile photo
Ray W
2 years ago
Our first time playing paintball was at Maple Ridge, We (my 12 year old and myself)have been hooked ever since. This is a great outfit I would recommend to anyone. They are family oriented with focus on safety and fun! The staff are very professional and work very hard to ensure everyone has a good and safe experience. I know they pride themselves on their safety record. So be aware, if you can't follow the rules i.e. goggles on, there are consequences. nobody wants to see you loose and eye, not the guy shooting you or the operators of the field! Normally they give you a warning, but if you prove that you can't listen to instructions then you are a liability to yourself as well as the other players and can be expelled from the property. Think these kind of rules can be applied just about anywhere you go!
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Clayton Dyck's profile photo
Clayton Dyck
2 years ago
I've held a lifetime membership at MRP for many years and the staff and fields have been always top notch. Prices are on par with all local fields and the paint has always been fresh/good quality. I bring friends with me with little to no paintball experience, they have never felt overwhelmed by other players and walked away with good stories to tell.
Brandon Bozarth
2 years ago
Maple Ridge Paintball is an amazing place to have some great, safe fun. The location is not only stunningly beautiful, but it also provides the perfect cover for some great paintball! It is like an adventure from the moment that you drive down the dirt road that heads back into the forest. Some times of year, the road can get a little rough heading back, but people with Honda Civics make it back all the time. The location is honestly one of the coolest things about Maple Ridge Paintball. The staff here is great and because they are well trained and love their jobs this is a great place for all ages(11+). I have seen teams ranging from young kids (11+) to the elderly and everyone always has a great time. One of the reasons that I have so much fun here is the price. the owner Aaron keeps his prices real so that it won't break you to come out and play. He's a former professional and takes the game seriously. He gives great advice to first time players and makes sure everyone is safe! Let's be honest, a paintball can seriously hurt you if you don't protect yourself; but Maple Ridge Paintball has quality, well maintained gear and a no nonsense adherence to safety standards. I have always had a lot of fun here, always felt safe, and I will be coming to Maple Ridge Paintball for the rest of my life, that is so long as no dumbies taking their goggles off while there are hundreds of paintballs flying towards their eyeballs don't screw it up for the rest of us! "WHAT IS THE NUMBER ONE RULE OF PAINTBALL? KEEP YOUR GOGGLES ON!" - Aaron
• • •
Yao Zhang
2 years ago
This place is very dirty and unqualified because of it's poor renovations. When you first arrive you will experience a heavy turbulence road with lots of mud. This resulted in my car getting dirty. The prices are over the roof. 10 dollars for 100 pain balls? If you go to the Canadian Tire website they sell 500 paintballs for 10 dollars. The referees there are very unqualified because of they swore at us after accusing us of not putting on our masks. I know this is a safety hazard but next time, please SEE CLEARLY before falsely accusing of someone who never did anything incorrectly. To make things EVEN worse my friend's birthday was today and he got kicked out because he was going to base which was no where even close to the battlefield. The referee also kicked our poor friend out because he was going to buy another mask. Since it was his birthday we also came out and quit the game. He spent a total of 112 DOLLARS. We did not even play very long. When we came out we were unpleasantly surprised by dogs that are not even owned by Maple Ridge Paintball. In fact it was a neighbours, the dogs took our food. They should fence it off. They just let their dirty animals wonder freely around. Do you even know if those animals carry diseases??? I know people love dogs but these doges are huge and roam around in mud and dirt. Would you like it if something wiped dirt around your property? I WOULD GIVE THIS PLACE A VERY POOR BUT THIS IS THE LOWEST RATING I COULD GIVE. Listen to me and go to Richmond paintball where there is actually proper roads to go on for your cars and easy access to malls. Maple Ridge paintball is completely isolated from civilization. Richmond has way nicer staff and more corporative people. Save your self some trouble. I know Maple Ridge takes safety seriously and thats good. However, you have to be reasonable because if you really want to be safe. Just stay home! UPDATE******** Maple Ridge paintball also banned and deleted our reviews and comments about them on Facebook. We were being completely honest and got deleted. Very unprofessional
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Josh Grasby's profile photo
Josh Grasby
2 years ago
I've played at Maple Ridge Paintball for nearly 14 years, it is one of the very best fields in the lower mainland, definitely a top three pick for recreational play. The fields have a lot of character, the staff and ownership are honest and fun to deal with, very good people. The regulars are top notch and you will be treated very well by the more seasoned players here. Paint prices are identical/comparable to those of the other top fields in the lower mainland and on the Island, compressed air all day service is included with your entry along with a good focus on safety (goggles/masks). This field is outstanding and ideal for both new and experienced players alike. As with basically all good paintball fields, you shouldn't drive in with a low-riding street car, because the driveway is very worn and pitted (like I said, this is common for good fields due to their required locations). Conclusion: most highly recommended!
• • •
a year ago
It was fun playing but the rules were really confusing. When we were staring off and the game finished and after everyone got into the neutral zone we were allowed to take off our goggles. But when we went into the famous Cheese burger hill and the game finished if you took of your goggles you would be kicked and the neutral zone was 20 meters away from the playing field but when you start off the neutral zone it's right beside the field! This unfortunately happen to me and I was kicked out. This deduced 1 point from Excellent to Very Good. The person who took the score down to Poor/Fair was a guy who was wearing a orange cool story bro shirt I'm pretty sure his name was hunter. When I finished taking off my equipment ( he did not give my remaining bullets I'm not sure if he is allowed to do that) and I was walking away to my car he was having a conversation with another worker and this is what he said "I caught him taking off his goggles" he also said some other stuff about me I'm not exactly sure what but what happened which caught my attention was he was laughing at me. Just about then I wanted to go get the manger so maybe he would become more polite. I'm pretty sure when I read the wavier it said you would be kicked out if caught taking off your goggles not you would be kicked out without giving back your bullets you purchased and the staff is allowed to make fun of you while you leave. I recommend going to somewhere else that have nice polite staff. (some staff at MRP were nice though.) Edit* Some of these reviews are from the staff themselves.
• • •
connor adair
2 years ago
Maple Ridge Paintball is one of the best fields in BC, EASILY. The referees are always polite and do their best to make sure that you have the best experience possible.....they make it VERY VERY clear that if you take of your goggles on the field that you are a danger not only to yourself but to others because you can't follow simple rules. Some kids (saying kids mostly because of horrible spelling and grammar) have posted negative reviews about getting kicked out because THEY TOOK THEIR GOGGLES OFF in the middle off a field when people are walking around with guns. I'm not sure about you but I wouldn't trust a person that I didn't know with the safety of my eyes by taking my goggles off....The only negative thing about this place is the road and parking lot (which can't be built up do to a salmon habitat) which isn't even their fault. Good job MRP will be back soon.
• • •
Len Zigante's profile photo
Len Zigante
2 years ago
Oh, what a pile of crap Yao Zhang's & Tommy Lee's reviews are! I've played at Maple Ridge, Ambush, & Richmond Paintball and all 3 of these locations are AWESOME in their own ways. I can't believe Y.Z. is complaining about the price of paintballs as they ALL charge the same amount for the same quantity! Comparing Richmond to M.R. is ludicrous - Richmond is an indoor location, M.R. is an outdoor one. Richmond has only 1 kind of game (urban) & their walls & floors are covered with wet paint... touch anything & it gets all over you (think wax & paint embedded in your shoe treads which gets in your car & on your floors & is hard to remove) while M.R. being outdoors is wet & muddy during the rainy season (but at least the paint washes away with the rain & mud dries & can be vacuumed easily). M.R. also provides 6 different kinds of fields/scenarios compared to Richmond's 1. M.R. takes safety very seriously & doesn't want to see anyone lose an eye by a paintball. They make it VERY clear your mask MUST be on while on the field. SO does Richmond & Ambush... ALL will kick you out if you break that rule! The dogs at M.R. are big but so what? They are very friendly & they don't swarm all over you or anything - they are well behaved. About the only legitimate complaint Y.Z. has is the road in... M.R. really needs to have a grader come in & level it out as low riding cars like mine ground out frequently on it which can cause damage. That's the ONLY reason I gave them a 'very good' rating instead of 'excellent'. In all other respects this business, staff, & location are absolutely AWESOME! Don't believe a word of Y.Z. or T.L... they're only complaining because their group got the boot because they constantly broke the safety rules. Bet they'd be the first to complain & sue if they got blinded because of their own stupidity! Duh!
• • •