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Tom Dailey
Retired, teacher, storyteller, gardener, poet, photographer
Retired, teacher, storyteller, gardener, poet, photographer

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XCIX. Domingo de Ramos
Palm Sunday This foot-high remembrance was sold to us by a young girl, perhaps 7 years old. Later in the evening the price was lowered from 20 pesos to five. There’s a full moon rising over the Mexican village where we live.  Darkness has fallen on a warm P...

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XCVIII. Un Aguacero y un Estrépito
A Downpour and a Crash Sala with tragaluz above. You can't see the tiles because of the overexposure, but they fell just a few feet away from the red pillow where I was sitting. It was hot last Sunday morning, surprisingly so for early in the day. And then ...

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XCVII. ¡Carnaval!
Carnival! Here in Ajijic, Carnaval seems mostly about the Sayacas. At least they, together with their consort Sayacos, are the engine that drove last week’s parade down at the end of the block, along Constitución, on its way to Seis Esquinas neighborhood. S...

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XCVI. De las Semillas a la Piel
From Seeds to Skin The past couple of weeks some tree around here—possibly what is commonly known as a Flame Tree—has unleashed its seed packets onto our patio and even into the house. They are each about half the size of a postage stamp. The seed itself lo...

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LXV. Día de San Sebastián
Saint Sebastian's Day I danced with a man dressed as a woman yesterday. To a waltz, in the square, with a live marching band. He was wearing a cartoonish papier maché mask and wig. Big balloon bosoms. He treated me kindly. After a long minute I bowed out mo...

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XCIV. Nuestro Viaje a México, Sexto y Último Día
Our Trip to Mexico City, Sixth and Final Day Day 6 - It’s been another tough night for mi querida esposa y su enferma , but at least no worse than the one before, and tonight we’ll sleep in our own bed. We dawdle after awakening, shower and go downstairs to...

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XCIII. Nuestro Viaje a México, Quinto Día
Our Trip to Mexico City, Fifth Day Organ grinders work the downtown streets about one two-man team to a block. One guy puts his hat out for money among the people crowding by, while the other turns the crank. They're always dressed in this quasi-military un...

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XCII. Nuestro Viaje a México, Parte 4
Our Trip to Mexico City, Part 4 Day 4 - After a rough night there is no doubt that the exhaustion and malaise my companion has been feeling is not the result of altitude, pollution or common cold. It has all the markers of the infamous la gripa— the flu—and...

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XCI. Nuestro Viaje a México, Part 3
Our Trip to Mexico City, Part 3 A canal in Xochimilco, late-morning, as we return to our mooring. Day 3 - We do not have time this morning to go out for breakfast before our guide arrives, so it’s coffee and not-much-more-than croissants at the Starbucks in...

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XC. Nuestro Viaje a México, Parte 2
Our Trip to Mexico City, Part 2 Casa de los Azulejos --House of Tiles--with pedestrians streaming in the direction of the zócolo  along pedestrian street Franciso I. Madero. Day 2 - Unfamiliar and too-plump pillows plus sirens throughout the night keep us f...
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