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Dino Metarapi

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Duct tape
I need duct tape. Lots of it. Tons. My god it hurts.

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Am I a fucking emo?
I was reading my other posts (from roughly 4 months ago) and good god do I appear like a fucking emo of some sort.
But then again, practically no one reads what I write anyway. (and, no, I'm not complaining - it's just a fact)  Also, I've learned something ...

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Sense of self-worth
Where does one derive a sense of self-worth? That responsibility used to rest in the hands of the religions. There was some consolation in believing that we possess some inate value, given to us by this or that god. But people don't buy those stories anymor...

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What the hell is this stuff?
M an do I like blowjobs. Receiving them, not giving. Anyway, I just ate some cremeschnitte, and good god was it bad. The "creme" part was like styrofoam or something. I'm telling ya, it's insane. It kept its shape you could practically use this stuff for th...

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Who am I anyway?
F laws. I have them. And so do you. Probably. So what are my flaws? To understand that, I need to look at my objectives and goals and how badly I'm failing. (not too badly, I'd like to think) I was never a good student. I'm still pretty bad. In fact, I woul...

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Another hour gained tonight Another hour gained to write Time within which to contemplate Why does this clock my life arbitrate? Are we unique snowflakes? Well, yes. But we're also physical beings, governed by physical laws. If we could observe and replicat...

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Message in a bottle
A chilling truth has dawned upon my mind. I am alone. I was always alone, and I will always be alone. I will die alone. And so will everyone else. There is no way to share experiences between people. Art? No. It's not nearly direct enough. No way to share a...

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Adventure time!
What comes to mind when you hear the word "adventure"? Yes. Whips. You have to be pretty adventurous to enjoy those. And it just so happens that today I had an adventure. And no, it didn't involve a whip, you sick bastard. So I was with a friend in this caf...

Kaže mi google "say hello".


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WTF is a tabaku?
I can think of nothing to write about. Zip. Nada. Niente. Nichts. ペニス. So, naturally I turn to my friends. I do have friends you know. One of them suggested I write about tabaku? "WTF is a tabaku?!" I thought. My immediate reaction was to google it. This is...
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