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Ok, I think I'm going to PSW again (even with moving in a month).  Who's in? +Steve Kalman +Kalebra Kelby +Janet Clark +John Balboni +Deb Uscilka +onnie hull +lynn hughes  everyone else? I can't miss the chocolate party!
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I need a new travel camera. My Panasonic Lumix GF-2 still works, but kind of bugs me. Does anyone have any ideas?  Not a DSLR, must fit easily in a backpack or a purse.  Doesn't have to be a micro 4/3 but that's a bonus so I can interchange my existing lenses.
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p thapa
Samsung nx300
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I'm using Safari on my Mac. I'm unable to remove a subscribed RSS feed. I can go to the feed, click "unsubscribe," I get the "removed" message, but it never removes it from my list and never removes it from my feed. I can remove it from the current list it's in, but still shows up as "uncategorized".
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Michelle Hedstrom

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I asked my husband for "some" whipped cream and this is what I ended up with. It is homemade, but still...
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hey, go big or go home!
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Michelle Hedstrom

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So why do I need to verify my mobile phone number in order to claim a custom G+ URL? That makes no sense, and I don't want to give Google my cell phone.  +Brian Matiash? What's the reasoning with this?
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I only get an error when i try the verification code ... :(
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Michelle Hedstrom

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Does anybody have any experience with noise reduction or sound proofing windows? We're thinking of moving and found a house we really like, but it's about 300 meters from a major road with constant noise (not a highway, just a road, and there's no buffer between the house and road except for distance). The house has double pane windows already so the sound is pretty muted, but wanted to know if getting any soundproofing windows or triple pane would make it almost non-existent.
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I have been told that egg boxes reduce noise.  Obviously they would need a sheet of something in front of them.
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So seriously, can somebody please tell me actually how to remove a feed? I select the feed, click "remove."  The UI interface pops up and says it's removed. I refresh. It's still in the list. I go to Organize instead, and click the "x" next to the name of the feed. The UI says "removed."  I refresh. It's still in the list. I've tried 3 different browsers on my Mac. I have several feeds I no longer want to see, and I've tried over the last month to remove all of them, to no avail. 
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I have a similar problem in that a few articles that I "Saved" are unable to be removed from my Saved list, no matter if I un-check the green icon, or "X" the item. They always reappear after a refresh.
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I will take no responsibility for my 5 year old trying the beginner terrain park. None....well...maybe a little.  This was his first attempt.  He landed the second box on his 3rd attempt which we didn't get on video.  Peter trying beginner terrain park

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I never knew this existed until I caught a replay of Behind the Music: Remastered.

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Is a beautiful day in Golden, Colorado! Been a while since I took out the Phantom so I spent a few minutes in an empty park at 8:30am avoiding trees to get this. :)
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+John Swarce Photoshop is a wonderous thing for fixing the GoPro horizon! :)
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Here's some family Halloween shots (husband, son, and myself). I still need to find time to re-edit the husband shot into more of a composite, but I'm still very happy with how these turned out.
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Sports and concert photographer with Ogre Photography
Chief photographer at Ogre Photography, karate sensei, loves Lightroom and Photoshop.

I'm currently doing sports photography at the Denver Examiner, and I just also started doing concert photography for them as well, however I'm still looking for another job.

I'm a complete tomboy, and although I don't play a lot of sports anymore (karate, and enduro dirt biking lately, but I miss playing hockey a lot), I get by with just photographing them.  So far motocross (racing and freestyle) has been my favorite to shoot, although I've been shooting everything.

I'm still a computer geek, and worked at various companies throughout my career as one doing applications, evangelism, web apps, whatever.  Now I just write Perl/PHP for myself, and for Drupal plugins for my website.

Bragging rights
Not sure I've done anything extremely interesting. Let's see. I'm a karate brown belt. I went to college (at University of Michigan) with Larry Page, although I doubt he'd remember me. I got to photograph Bret Michaels.
  • University of Michigan
    Computer Science, 1991 - 1995
Sports and concert photographer
  • Ogre Photography
    Photographer, 2011 - present
  • Big Picture Classes
    Technical Guru, 2006 - present
  • Ogre Photography
    Photographer, 2011 - 2012
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I started taking lessons from Lane about 6 months ago. He's every bit as likable and professional as his blurb here makes him out to be. He takes the time to get to know me in terms of exactly what I want to learn, and even while teaching the fundamentals, he still has me working towards that goal. He also will go over my current goals with me, and help me set new ones and set me up to succeed in them. Obviously it's up to me to practice and move towards them, but he's always very positive and energetic during lessons. He utilizes Google Drive and has video lessons, pdfs of exercises, and lessons, and some other stuff there. He also has student folders for each student and encourages you to keep track of your progress. He'll comment on the practice logs. All of this makes me feel like he really cares about my progress, and is happy with my excitement in learning. I *want* to practice and learn more. He also helped me when I wanted to buy a kit, which was great since I had no idea what I was looking for. I would recommend Lane in a heartbeat to anybody who wants to learn drums. You could not ask for a better instructor or person.
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