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Lincoln Cannon
Technologist and Philosopher
Technologist and Philosopher


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12 real smart drugs improve memory, focus, and mood so you can work, learn, and live better. #nootropics #limitless

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10 Things I Love About Mormon Heaven
I love how heaven is presented in the Mormon authoritative tradition. Well, at least I love my interpretation of how it's presented. I suppose we're all that way to some extent or another. There are some interpretations of heaven, Mormon and otherwise, that...

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Mormonism: A Religion of the Future
In 2007 and 2008, I gave a few presentations in the virtual world of Second Life. Yeah, Generation Z, virtual worlds have been around a long time. The third presentation was on "Mormonism: A Religion of the Future" at the Conference on the Future of Religio...

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LDS Church Has No Official Position on Human Evolution
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the largest Mormon denomination, has no official position on human evolution. This should be repeated and emphasized, in part because the LDS Church has not done much to ensure this non-position ...

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A Vision for Mormon Transhumanism
I envision the role of Mormon Transhumanism in context of an analogy. Two thousand five hundred years ago, humanity was evolving into a new way of thinking, expressed in part by transition away from polytheism. Zarathustra’s teachings had spread throughout ...

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If You Could Hie to Kolob (Endless Version)
" If You Could Hie to Kolob " has, as far back as I can remember, always been among my favorite Mormon hymns. When I was a child, it spoke to the nascent Transhumanist in me . And as an adult, I seem to have an unquenchable thirst for the vision it articula...

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How a Mormon Kid Recognized that He Was a Transhumanist
Implicitly, I’ve been a Transhumanist since childhood. My Mormon parents taught me, from before my earliest memories, that we are all children of God with potential to be God. And not just any kind of god. Not the kind that would raise itself above others i...

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Jesus Invites All to Share in the Titles and Roles of Christ
Jesus has many titles and corresponding roles, most notably Christ. The English word, "christ", comes from the Greek word, "kristos", which has the same meaning as the Hebrew word, "messiah". A christ or messiah is literally an anointed person, or figurativ...

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Top 10 Christian Transhumanist Scriptures from the Bible
The Bible teaches Christian Transhumanism. Or, in other words, as presented in the Bible, Christianity entails Transhumanism. Of course some Christians would disagree. And some Christians may not understand what that means. But we can make a reasonable case...
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