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Added photos to Google I/O Extended viewing party Cape Town.

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Added photos to Android for beginners study jam.

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Join us to to get started as an Android developer. See the event details. Please let us know if you can make it by signing up. There are limited seats.
Are you looking to start out with Android? Join our study group and do it together. It will involve coursework from Udacity, and group sessions each weekend from April 2 - May 7. Please see the event notes for requirements before signing up.

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Hi CPT developers. Would you be interested in a developer study jam around android for beginners (March-April)? If so please comment on this post to let us know. It involves android course work, 7 consecutive meetups for the group to discuss/support each other, and it covers Udacity material on android. If there is enough interest in a dedicated study jam, GDG organizers will support the community and plan + host a study jam. Let us know ;)

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Added photos to Intro to Docker and using it on Google Compute Engine.

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Added photos to Android workshop for beginners.

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We are have another intro to android day for beginners. This is a hands on day of coding so bring a laptop with the tools installed. More instructions in the post.
 Venue: UCT Upper campus (building/block to be announced)

Requirements: Your laptop with android studio setup, working emulator or real device (please test that studio can see your real device before hand). If you have an android device, being your micro-USB cable too.

Please setup android studio as per:

Also get the support library and update the tools as outlined here:

If you are unable to get android studio setup, arrive early for the event, we will help you setup so that you are ready to rock by the time the event kicks off.

Also please note: to get the most out of this event, you need to know your way around Java. You need to be comfortable with the syntax and do basic debugging.


This meetup is aimed at beginners, it will cover some of the basics of building an android app.

We are going to touch on the basics of Android, from idea to conception.

Things we will cover :

1. Prototyping your idea before coding 
2. Using prototyping tools 
3. Activities 
4. Fragments 
5. Integrating libraries 
6. Asynchronous networking in Android

By the end of the meetup you should feel confident to tackle new Android projects. We will post links of the slides and code used to work on after the event if you could not complete everything in the short time we have.
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