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Capt. John Swallow
Pyrate, Photographer, Historian...proud First Nations, French & at least 1 Pyrate
Pyrate, Photographer, Historian...proud First Nations, French & at least 1 Pyrate

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...we seem to have two extreme views on defending oneself – either not at all, or to the extreme point of ridiculousness – both are detrimental to your safety. #NoVictims

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The Frog would be proud...

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Apparently, it's better in a box... #WaterIsLife
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A few #photos from Morgan's Point, Ontario #fossils

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"Arnalukaq (Your Soul Carries The Light)" by The Jerry Cans from Nunavut. #Inuit #Indigenous #Respect #MMIW
2017 "Arnalukaq / Your Soul Carries The Light" by The Jerry Cans
"The Jerry Cans" from Iqaluit (Nunavut, Canada) release 'Arnalukaq', a call to all the women in the Arctic who have been through — or are in — abusive relationships to remind them that they are beautiful. These situations are far too common in Nunavut, and The Jerry Cans take a firm stance against violence while encouraging young people to strive for healthy relationships. This song is also dedicated to all of our daughters to remind them that they are beautiful, and always will be – no matter what the circumstance. This song is ALSO dedicated to men of all ages who should be raised to respect their partners, to stand up to violence, abuse and harassment, and to never think any form of abuse or violence is acceptable.

Iqaluit is the capital city of the Canadian territory of Nunavut

Full album: "Inuusiq" by The Jerry Cans

Lyrics to "Arnalukaq / Your Soul Carries The Light":
arnalukaq piujuqpaalujutit
arnalukaq puiguqtailigit
arnalukaq your soul carries the light
arnalukaq ain’t no man ever got the right
arnalukaq arnalukaq
you’re black and you’re blue
arnalukaq arnalukaq
see the love in those little eyes looking back at you
arnalukaq sanngijuujutit
arnalukaq puiguqtailigit

Inuktitut Lesson:
arnalukaq - girl
piujuq- beautiful/good,
puiguq - forget
taili - don’t
sanngijuu - strong

More Inuktitut Lessons at:


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Generally good advice for any online buying 
You can save a ton of money on Alibaba, but none of that matters if you're getting scammed!

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Hey DJ...ultra portable, AIO, DIY Turntable! cc.@DJSoulSister @NSRasta

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