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So I just posted the 1.2.4 update to address the issue that Philip's Hue API has once again changed. The new parsing code may be a bit slower, but should be robust enough to not be affected by future changes.

I know, I know… famous last words. (c;

Anyone with Philips Hue notice the scene creator is broken again? I just tried creating a new scene and Philips must have made another change in the API as my parsing of the state info is once again going off into the weeds.

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I doubt many here actually need to see a tutorial on scheduling HAM Bridge commands, but I whipped one up anyway.

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Amazing tech you can buy now for just a few bucks...
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Version 1.2.3 is now available; fixing a problem with generating Hue scene scripts due to some changes Philips made in the latest hub firmware.

Quit and relaunch the app to be prompted for the update.

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Another vid... controlling Philips Hue.

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Introduction video to HAM Bridge, from what I hope will be a continuing series of ideas and techniques...

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Scheduled Events Are Coming.

You will soon be able to schedule your HAM Bridge commands. As I dive into this I will ask for your feedback via a series of polls. Today's poll is regarding the granularity you want to see for repeating schedules. Please vote!
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Daily is Fine
Daily, or Weekdays, or Weekends
Any Combination of Days of the Week

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New Code = New Bugs. Hopefully I squashed them all in 1.2.2. 

HAM Bridge users, relaunch your copy of HAM Bridge to be prompted for the update.

Version 1.2 has just gone golden.

This new version allows up to 9 additional parameters to be passed in the URL, and have them passed to embedded placeholders in your scripts.
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