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Mostly Harmless [ohmsweetohm]
Mostly Harmless [ohmsweetohm]

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My #Ingress agent profile.

* Wait... WHAT?
Yes, that is a new agent name and a new color.

* But why?
First, an enlightened player moved into my house and I didn't like having a mixed household.  I was already at L16 so it made sense for me to swap because I'd already maxxed out on AP.  
Second, I was burning out a little, and since I hit L8 during the beta I never experienced some of the new features as a low level player, and thought leveling up again might bring some of the spark back.
This was actually supposed to happen this summer, but then tensions broke out in the southern Union County area and I got to the point where I didn't much want anything to do with either faction.

* So why now?
Basically it was a New Year's thing, and also I realized that the toxicity around here isn't going away so I might as well just do what I was going to do.

* Thanks for giving us a little warning!
Heh.  I thought this was going to take a couple more weeks.  The switch happened during my evening errand/commute so I started to level up before I had access to a keyboard to do a proper job of explaining what happened.
Er, my bad there.

* So now this is PROOF how bad the Resistance is!!!
No, no it's not.  It's just a fresh start.  I didn't have any patience for cross-faction asshattery when I was with the Resistance, and I'm not going to have any patience for it with the Enlightened.  
This is a game, people.

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I've reached level 8 as an #Ingress agent.

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Yay. I was too sick over the holiday and didn't manage to get out and nest fields for AP farming. I don't think just today will get me to L8 though.

Ah well, it'll still be nothing like the time it took the first round ;)
Agents, due to the issues earlier in the week affecting links and dropped items, we will be extending our #IngressYear4 celebration by one day. You will be able to earn double AP until 11:59pm Pacific Time (PST) on Thursday, December 1st, 2016. We appreciated your patience while we worked to resolve those issues and as always for your support over these last four years. Happy hacking!

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I've reached level 7 as an #Ingress agent.

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I've reached level 4 as an #Ingress agent.

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Yay it understood all six!

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