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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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How people are..I almost forgot I have a G+ while hibernating......
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Brazil :P
haha kidding, but well, missed talking to you. check skype at times camila :)
And you look dashing dazzling in this snap. :)
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Please show your support here by voting for our own Rafi sahab.
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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What a speech, by the greatest ever, Sir Charles Chaplin
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Happening everywhere..wake up people
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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This is where I live..and I am going back there in two days....hope all goes well...Although I am far from the coastal area...the effect can touch me too.
Cyclone : ‘An atmospheric beast is forming in the Bay of Bengal and heading straight for India’
An atmospheric beast is forming in the Bay of Bengal and heading straight for India. Cyclone Phailin—pronounced pie-leen; it’s a Thai word for “sapphire”—has exploded from tropical storm strength t...
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thank you +Steve Hufford ..gladly, I am on high grounds somewhat...and then, I know God has the best plans for me :)
But, thank you for your concern really...much appreciated mate.
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Considering leaving the only social network I use, Google Plus.
Strict diet of work and baby sounds attractive.
Decision tomorrow.
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thanks +Maryam Heidari but its just for two weeks. Anyway, same are my wishes for you.
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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The blog which brought me three hate mails till now. Do I change my opinion? Nope. I stand firm.
Indeed, I didn’t blog for a long time now. Actually, nowadays I need to write so much for my profession that writing for pleasure or for expressing my ideas looks like another tiring job to me. Anyway, I couldn’t suppress ...
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce our new moderator, +Jack Trice who is way more active in promoting LXLE, distro de magnifique, and is always willing to help us in every possible way.
It is such a honour to have you here +Jack Trice 
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+Faiz Ahmed Faiz +Faiz Ahmed Faiz I'm STILL WAITING for you to change me to OWNER status; what can I do to help you take this very simple action??
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Hero Stallman makes sense, once more. Eevry #anon should read this.
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Back online after spending some of the lovliest moments with my baby. He is growing up fast and has started to recognise me.
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he will kick bad uncles away from home :P
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Oww oww..bad cat! LOL
Hey Kiddo, Don't under estimate a CAT EVER.
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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you said it mate @ +Steve Hufford 
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Least said the better. I love the alternate route always.
Google Plus: You are here.
Facebook: Don't have.
Twitter: Forgot password.

There is nothing extraordinary about me, which is perhaps the only extraordinary fact about me as all of us is extraordinary in this way or that.
My life is full of twists and turns. I fought (or rather tried to fight) till I could. When the forces of destiny overwhelmed me, I gave up and accepted.
Now I live a life with no desires left which perhaps makes me look very timid but I don't have any desire or means to change that. Moreover, this life, where I hide every emotion and reactions and wounds, looks peaceful from the top.

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    Google Adwords Management Google Analytics Analysis SMO (As you can see from my all day G+ presence) On Page and Off page SEO factors check Content Creation (that was my first job) And ohh yes, that ugly Android app which I built.
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