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Share to win signed prints  :) leave comment that you have done so on original thread, winners will be picked in a week from now :) (you must be following me also)
if you would like double the chance running same contest on facebook

(all previous comments on other photo count too uploading this so it hopefully shows as a photo)
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I happily share your stuff regardless of competition, Danielle :) I love your creations.
Ninna V
Done :) Love your work 
On safe side shared this one too lol :)
thank you lol :) the other post didnt really work as didnt show whole photo!!!
It's worth it, your pics are awesome :)
Shared and plussed.  Will be sitting by the door waiting for my prize.
Love your work Danielle; Hauntingly beautiful !
Shared. Love the work.
This isn't the first I've shared of your stuff :)
thank you all so much, i loose so many followers here every day all your lovely comments means alot :)
yall know this will be mine, just let me know when this finish ! I want my printer as soon as you choooose me !
Tom B
Shared :-)
Would be awesome to showcase in the living room.  Shared.
I follow you since the beginning of g+. your work is really great. It would be awesome to have one of your portraits in my room. oh BTW: Shared! :D
My wife would never let me hang one in the bedroom, but this would have a prominent place in my office at work.
Love your amazing talent, and gladly shared
Circled and shared - does it count if I share more often? I'll hit up FB, too. My husband LOVES your work, but we've been too poor to buy art for a while. We've lived with the same HR Geiger images for 10 years together.  I move them around, switch out other styles to freshen it up once in a while. And I opt for postcard art when it's on sale. But I can't make myself put them up... they're just postcards. But they have art on them!  <sigh> I hope we get picked - we need fresh, awesome horror prints to put up. It works so well in our crimson red room! ;)
Shared!  Wonderful prints.  I wish everyone good luck ;D
Always love gazing at your images. Shared with pleasure. 
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