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Rachel Tanenhaus
"My job is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."
"My job is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

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If you are a person with a disability in Massachusetts, an advocate, or anyone with an interest in the health needs of people with disabilities in Massachusetts, please read this, fill out the survey at the link, and forward it along. Heck, forward it along anyway. And yes, I've already filled it out.

Help influence health care in Massachusetts! The Health and Disability Program, part of Office of Health Equity at the MA Department of Public Health (DPH) is conducting a health needs survey for people with disabilities in Massachusetts. The Office of Health Equity promotes the health and well being of minority populations, including people with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth. Results from the survey will be used to determine how best to address the current public health needs of the disability community. To that end, first, please take a few moments to complete the health needs survey yourself at (I have already completed mine.) Then, as we would like to get a broad range of respondents representing all the facets of the disability community, please forward the link to your friends and colleagues in the disability community and ask them to complete.

Who should complete this survey?

• Residents of Massachusetts, over the age of 18 who have disabilities
• Caregivers or guardians of adults or children with disabilities
• Disability advocates
• Staff at community based organizations or state or local government offices that serve people with disabilities
• Academic researchers
• Healthcare providers
• Public health officials or professionals
• Health and wellness promotion specialists
• Health administrators
• Health policy experts

We also invite participation by anyone else who has an interest in the health of people living with disabilities in Massachusetts. Please forward as soon as possible, as the survey link will only remain active until May 31, 2013. We look forward to hearing from you!

This is a voluntary and anonymous survey. The responses are compiled and we do not have knowledge of individual respondents.

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These folks are awesome, and they make it so I don't have to walk around starkers. Also, though I hate the word "teggings", their teggings are really damn useful. And I really dig that they're going to be serving a variety of gender presentations.

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The AP Style Guide is no joke, and I'm glad the media may finally get a clue. I am concerned that autism is classified here as a mental illness, and am glad they added a footnote. I am more concerned about the OMG DON'T LUMP IT IN WITH MENTAL ILLNESS stigmatizing comments, but then I probably should just stop reading comments entirely.

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One of the scariest calls I ever got on the ADA hotline was from a psych nurse who was freaking out because her employer was in the process of releasing a suicidal teenager back into the community. The girl, who was deaf, had attempted suicide and been hospitalized, but the hospital couldn't be bothered to get an interpreter. So after a few days of not treating her, they kicked her back out. The nurse was beside herself, and I honestly believe she saved that girl's life.

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Jeanette is my dear friend and a member of my chosen family. Last week she had emergency surgery to remove her ocular implant, which had ruptured. That ain't no hangnail! Nor is it cheap. I invite anyone with the means and inclination to help her out through this fundraiser, which her boss Deb has kindly spearheaded. We are trying to raise $4,000 in 10 days, and every penny counts! Thank you!

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A recent ADA settlement related to food allergies prompted the release of this new document. I've never seen the DOJ approve anything that quickly, so they must really mean it! :)

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Golden retrievers are particularly susceptible to cancer, but frankly, it scares the hell out of me in any dog. (+Brodie the Guide Dog's half-sister died a few weeks ago of a very aggressive cancer, for example). I see this study as the canine version of the Framingham Heart Study, and I hope it goes well. Woof.

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Holy wow, this.
It’s entirely possible to like and even love problematic media while consuming it critically, while acknowledging its flaws, but if that’s not something you wish to figure out then that’s that, and there ain’t shit anybody can do about it. But for the love of god, stop arguing that people should be quiet, should stop pointing this stuff out, should stop engaging with something in a way you don’t want them to.

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Actually, this requires no introduction. Just read it. :)

When men engage in sexist behavior, people sometimes respond with "boys are dumb" or something like that. (Heck, sometimes I respond that way). The fabulous +Lex Larson explains why that's neither true nor an acceptable response:

"...Boys and men aren't idiots.  They are permitted to act like idiots, which is an entirely different thing.  These men aren't stupid or incapable of moderating their behavior.  They choose not to act like adults, and others excuse their transgressions with 'boyz r dum lol!'"
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