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I should put something profound and intelligent here...
I should put something profound and intelligent here...

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1) Running - CDS Playing - Alpha Blue
2) Focus on those three
3) CDS: supplement with spells, classes, races, and monsters. Alpha Blue: some adventures, Outer Presence: perhaps some background material
4) a mix of sleazy/parody/dark comedy/action
5) Adventure: around 20, Supplement: 75 to 90, Setting: around 90, full rpg: around 100
6) That would depend on which rpg you were working on. CDS: more classes, spells, races, and monsters. Alpha Blue: monsters, npc's, and some setting other than the station itself. Outer Presence: monsters, spells, npc's.
7) a tie between Outer Presence and How to Game Master.. with CDS coming in second and (because I'm twisted bastard) Liberation in a close third
8) will get back to you, all my books are in my car at the moment
9) gm screens would rock.. convention swag is always cool
10) Perhaps a putrid green to go with something about Outer Presence
11) will get back to you on this one as well

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words are meaningless when confronted with such epic perfection
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