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Janice Worthen
Humor and common sense can save the world. Uh oh.
Humor and common sense can save the world. Uh oh.

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White Elephant Sale
     Every year, for just two days, a mythical sale appears in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, a sale that offers mountains of clothes, kitchen equipment, furniture, books, shoes, sports equipment, holiday supplies, stationary and more on the cheap. ...

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Side Trips: Clear Lake
     It's the off season, and while others are dreaming of summer getaways to destination hot spots, budget travelers are living large, planning big, and going far on bank account fumes. Though every day may not be warm, golden, or even dry, the lack crowds...

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23rd Annual Park Street Classic Car Show
     Another year, another great classic car show on Park Street in Alameda, and a whole lotta Mustangs--and a few Novas--to admire (including a couple for sale, dreamers-gonna-dream). Below are my biased photos of this year's event. That red leather though...

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Dollar Day at Golden Gate Fields
     American Pharoah reignited public interest in horse racing last year when he became the first winner of the Triple Crown since 1978 and the first ever to win America's "Grand Slam." Right now excitement is high as the last leg (Nyquist won the Kentucky...

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Muir Woods
Life in the Bay Area is busy and often crowded, and any opportunity to escape from city life and enjoy the natural wonders of northern California is always welcome. Though Muir Woods is a popular tourist attraction that can overfill with crowds and traffic,...

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Side Trips: Old Town Sacramento
     The great thing about living in or even planning a visit to the Bay Area is that there are so many attractions you can make a side trip to or visit along the way. One of my favorite side trips is to Old Town Sacramento. Granted, it's touristy, but in t...

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Bay Area Fairy Doors
     A touch of magic has sprinkled the Bay Area with tiny fairy doors. In and on trees, on the sides of homes, on cement curbs--the locations of the fairy doors are as numerous and creative as the doors themselves, and more are popping up every day. People...

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Mosley's Cafe
     The Bay Area is full of great cafes and gourmet roasts for the coffee enthusiast. There's literally something for everyone in terms of price, flavor, variety, and atmosphere, and Mosley's Café in Alameda has an atmosphere unlike any other.      The tin...

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45th Annual Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival
     Judging from the early crowds at Saturday's HMB Art & Pumpkin Festival, I think the word is out that Half Moon Bay has the best annual festival in the Bay Area. And no wonder. From the moment you see those first pumpkin patches peeking out from the tre...

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Park Street's 22nd Annual Classic Car Show
     This year's classic car show in Alameda did not disappoint, and I actually enjoyed it more (if that's possible) because the early morning was overcast and wonderfully cool so I could actually see the cars and not just sun glare, and I didn't have to go...
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