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Kane Jamison
Founder of Content Harmony, Content Marketing & Organic Search Specialist
Founder of Content Harmony, Content Marketing & Organic Search Specialist

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Just did a mini-interview with the folks at +SEMpdx  - really looking forward to speaking at #SearchFest in a couple of weeks.
Read the #SearchFest  2016 Speaker Mini-Interview with +Kane Jamison of +Content Harmony Then register and see him speak in person March 10th in Portland:

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#CMWorld Video Contest
Are you headed to Content Marketing World? We're giving away 33 awesome content marketing books, and one of these great content marketing T-shirts to everyone who participates in our video contest!

Learn more at

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Hey Seattle Marketing friends - come have some free beer and wine at our next Content Marketing Meetup.

It's also a great chance to see the new +Moz offices, since they've generously agreed to let us use their new event space.
The Power of Visual Marketing - Seattle - June 24th

Seattle folks: Our next Content Marketing Meetup is June 24th - topic is 'The Power of Visual Marketing'.

Hope to see you there!

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"Pages with integrations rank better by an average of four positions compared to pages without integrations"

This being probably the most notable finding from the final version of the  +Searchmetrics "study of tens of thousands of keywords and more than half a million domains" headed " in Google search results" (see the request button at the bottom of the page for the full PDF):

The study authors are quick to note that correlation does not necessarily imply causation, although they correctly acknowledge that there's a logical connection between structured data use and search engine visibility.

"Whether the use of HTML markups does genuinely affect the ranking of a domain, as it would appear from the data, is hard to say. In fact, it may be due in part to interaction with other factors."

"However, it can be said that the inclusion of HTML tags from to clearly flag up the content of the page will greatly help search engines better understand the Web’s content – and that is an essential consideration for a good ranking."

Other notable factoids from the study:

- Only 0.3% of domains in their sample included [1]
- "Google enhances search results with markups in more than 36% of keyword queries" [2]
- Movie, Offer, TVSeries and Review were the item types that most often ended up generating rich snippets in the SERPs (compare this to the most common classes by domain from the lastest Common Crawl data - WebPage, Article, Blog, Product - and most common classes by no. of entities - Product, Offer, Person, PostalAddress, Organization)

[1] Making for the best pie chart evah
[2] I'm interpreting this as "for 36% of our sample queries we observed a rich snippet in the top 50 results [their query depth] that appeared to be based on the presence of markup."  The language of this study leaves a lot to be desired.

#schemaorg   #structureddata   #google   #seo  

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Pretty cool doodle activity. This guy observes nearby passengers on airplanes and then doodles cartoon heads for them on post-it notes. See more of the at

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I wonder if there's a Pavlonian response aspect to this headset. For example:

Dog begins to think he might be hungry > 
Speaker announces dog is hungry > 
Dog eventually learns that when the speaker says "hungry" it's about time to eat > 
Every time the dog thinks he might be hungry he actually becomes hungry.

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I wrote a new post today about using Screaming Frog to bulk test for Google+ Authorship and other forms of structured data. It's a quick 5 minute video, so not a difficult concept. You just need a paid license for Screaming Frog and you'll be on your way.
Using Screaming Frog to Scale Structured Data Testing

Check out +Kane Jamison's latest post on the +Moz blog today:

"Quick Guide to Scaling Your Authorship Testing with Screaming Frog"

Kane recorded a quick 5 minute video showing how you can use Excel, Screaming Frog's custom filters feature, and Google's Structured Data Testing Tool together.

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“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.”

–Jim Barksdale, former Netscape CEO


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Content Marketing ≠ Content Strategy

If you've used the phrases "Content Marketing" and "Content Strategy" interchangeably, please stop it and read this:

Thanks to +Jonathon Colman for sharing.

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Media Temple just got acquired by GoDaddy. Even if the quality levels stay high, I'm not sure how I feel about that combination. I was already in the process of "divesting" from the my GoDaddy account due to their owner's habits and their sales techniques. On the flipside I will give GoDaddy credit that their customer service has gotten way better in the past couple years.
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