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Jennifer Litwin
Remember, there's always money in the banana stand.
Remember, there's always money in the banana stand.

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Why did they breed?
Britney Spears scares me...does she scare you?

If you answered no, watch this video that's going viral of her niece singing one of her songs. The lyrics she sings are:

The beat just dropped and the room got sexy
You're watching me like there's no one else around
I know you want me like kids want candy
So keep watching me go down and up and down

Now all of that makes me feel uncomfortable as it is, but then ya gotta love the ending where the folks behind the camera (Britney and Jamie Lynn?) start cheering for her. What alternate dimension are they living on that they think this is a video for the world to see....did they think we'd cheer too?

People have been sending us this to show the kids on Kids React, but no, sorry, that is not going to happen. Maybe once we start Teens React.

Anyways, had the urge to post this, too ridiculous. Happy Monday! Milly coming later today!


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Use this anytime you want share how insanely happy / excited you are.

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David Tennant shirtless WHAT?!?! (Sidenote: Ugh! They made Peter Vincent into a douchey combo of Russell Brand & Criss Angel)

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Top 10 things I really want from Google+
1. Threaded replies to comments
2. Ability to easily search my (or someone else's) archives
3. Ability to see my stream without my own posts
4. Ability to mute a person for X period of time (similar to muting a post)
5. Better way to reference someone, the + thing doesn't work 90% of the time.
6. Ability to share posts from the mobile app
7. Ability to add a photo AND a link to post, without one getting priority
8. I forgot what 8 was for.
9. Multi photo posts should make one post, not a post for every photo in it.
10. Ability to turn off anything except cat gifs

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This still cracks me up. "Knock Knock Motherfucker"

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Anyone else having issues with the app?

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