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The Waves and Beyond: Through the History of Art
Greek and Roman Art 1 1.    “ Terracotta
Kernos ” (vase for multiple offerings) Year:
Ca. 2300-2200 B.C    2.    “ Bronze Crab ” Year:
3 rd -1 st century B.C      3.    “ Terracotta stirrup jar with
Octopus ” Year:
Ca. 1200-110 B.C    4.    “ Terracotta Lek...

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Reaction/Curatorial Statement
The Waves and Beyond: Through the History of Art.           As a young child, I traveled to many
different countries and was exposed to many aquariums with a variety of sea creatures
and their marine habitats. After visiting these museums’ I always wondered...

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Performance Art at the Whitney Museum
Field Trip #5 Performance
Art at the Whitney Museum For this field
trip we visited the Whitney Museum of American Art to view the exhibit “Rituals
of Recent Islands”. This exhibit showed artist who participated in the
performance arts. Performances in tempo...

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LES Galleries Reaction
Tiara Lloyd 11/04/2013 LES Galleries Field Trip 4             In
contrast to our last trip, to the Chelsea galleries, our recent trip to the LES
galleries was very different. The LES galleries located in lower Manhattan had many
more galleries in the area t...

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Design in Our Lives
Lloyd Intro
to Art 10/19/2013 Design
in Our Lives Field
Trip #3 Is every object
created by humans functional? If so can objects in the art world have
functionally too? On my recent visit to the MoMa I focused on four different
works of art on the Appl...

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Illustrate a Story
Link: Project #3 "What are some of your Dreams?" In this story   What
are some of your Dreams   John
Curtis explains the story of how the impossible became possible when he adopted
his first son. Th...

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Chelsea Galleries Reaction
Lloyd Intro
to Art 10/07/2013 Field
Trip #2 Chelsea
Galleries Reaction On our visit to the galleries in Chelsea I
saw many pieces of art that I would want to buy and display at home. However, I
also so some pieces that I wouldn’t want to buy or bring ...

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"Art and Identity: The Museum of Modern Art"
Field Trip #1 Tiara Lloyd Intro to Art 101 9/28/2013 “Art and Identity: The
Museum of Modern Art” Field trip #1 Visiting
the MoMa is alwa...

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Narrative  Digital Collage
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