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Albert the Morris Minor
A car with a sense of adventure (not that I have much say in the matter)
A car with a sense of adventure (not that I have much say in the matter)


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Upgrades - Sorted!
Apologies, dear reader, for the delays in posting but at last after, component delays and snagging issues, my upgrades are at last complete and I am back on the road (Yay!!!). If you recall there were some lessons learnt from my Mongolian adventure and as a...

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Post Adventure Review
So, dear reader, our adventure is at an end and it is now time to look at what was good, not so good and what lessons were learnt from my first overland trip.  As you may recall I had intended to do a couple of shake down trips before the big one but this w...

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So dear reader our adventure has finally come to an end.  We arrived back into Potton on Saturday 26th October at 12pm exactly 140 days and 3 hours after we left on the 6th of June.  Sarah, Albert and I were touched by the number of people who braved a cold...

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Ulanbataar to Blighty - Sorted!
Well dear reader 20,485 miles covered so far with only 136 more to go before we arrive back in Potton.  The journey home was not as straight forward as we had hoped for.  To make things simple for you I have broken the journey down into the three main stage...

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Homeward bound - Baltics to Blighty
So dear reader apologies seem to be de rigour for my blog so as not to disappoint I apologise for not posting until we have actually reached Blighty.  We aren't home yet but are getting acclimatised to not being on the road. As you may recall we left St Pet...

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Homeward bound - From Russia with Love
Well dear reader we are now on our way home and have left Mongolia and Russia behind us.  Our journey home started with a short drive from Ulanbataar to Altanbulag and the Russian border.  From there we have travelled nearly 4,500 miles across Russia to Est...

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Better late than never :)
Mongolia - Sorted!
Apologies for the tardiness of my posting updates but since we left Bishkek most of our journey has been driving and sorting out minor (pun intended) problems with Albert.  He has covered these in his blog post about the journey from  Tashkent to Ulanbataar...

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Tashkent to Uanbataar - Sorted!
Well dear reader it has been some time since I last posted and much has happened.  With some enforced rests and difficulties en-route we have finally made it to Ulanbataar.  Read on to find out what we had to endure. Uzbekistan Uzbekistan was really 'just p...

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It was brutal but worth it.  Had some problems but am all better now :)
Uzbekistan and the Pamir Highway
A lot has happened since we last posted and I am sure, dear reader, that you are just dying to find out what we have been up to.  Well, I shall relate our adventures from Uzbekistan to Kyrgystan which include the trials and tribulations of the infamous Pami...
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