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Denise Terry

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A New Destination
History sure has a way of repeating itself. Four weeks out
from IMAC 70.3 and I’m filing a claim for reimbursement. This has been a really
hard decision because I’m trying to convince myself that things are ok and I
can keep going. But in reality, they aren...

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Atlantic City Tri Race Report
I signed up for Tri AC Olympic in 2016 and
was unable to race due to my back. Since this is pretty much the course for
IMAC 70.3, it was a must do on my schedule for this year. I normally always
look at previous year results before going into a race. I like...

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Stafford Tri Race Report
After Independence triathlon and a not so
great swim, I knew I needed to shake that off and get back into open water
STAT. If I was going to race again, I wanted something with a bike course that
I could push a bit and not worry about how my back would feel...

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Independence Tri Race Report 2017
A month or so ago I had a minor setback with my back. What
started as infrequent aches through the winter became daily aches and then a constant pain
in my lower back and left butt check. Same issue I had that blew up and caused
me to lose feeling in my leg...

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Shamrock Race Report
On Saturday it was pretty certain that we were going to have
nasty weather for the race on Sunday. Rather than stress about it, I hovered
over a jigsaw puzzle trying to keep myself calm and occupied.* After dinner I went
through my routine of setting everyt...

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Time for revenge
The hay is in the barn. The work is done. You are ready. I know it’s true but there’s this little voice deep inside
my head that whispers, “Did I do enough?” “Can I hold this pace?” As I go
through the motions this week leading up to the race, my job has be...

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What It Takes
During my 20 miler last week, I was thinking about what it
takes to reach a goal and how I got to this point of feeling trained, confident
and prepared. A few things stuck out in my mind, which are not secrets by any
stretch, but worth noting. I think a lot...

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Negative Thoughts
It was raining and windy and cold as anything. For those that know me, it was a perfect day for napping. But instead I snuck my way on to the track and started warming up. Just thinking about this workout in the days leading up to it, made me a little anxio...

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Finding My Voice
I want to preface this
by saying this is the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I’m actually shaking with
the thought of posting this. But I’m putting this out there because I don’t
believe we should sweep mental illness under the carpet. We need to share and

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Spilled Milk
Last Fall I ironed out my race season for 2016 and set a
goal that was really going to challenge me. While it was going to be hard and it
was going to hurt, I was mentally ready to do what it took to get me there. When
my back threw a fit in November, I nev...
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