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jeroen T

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Not sure where else to ask, but is Valadoc dead?

I get a Plesk welcome page.

I have an highres screen, and because of that elementary OS has enlarged the cursor. Is there any way to disable that? My screen is really large so I don't need an large cursor.

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My current workstation :D

Elementary OS is really awesome on a ultrawide!

Its way more easy to use than Windows or most Linux distro, because they all have the taskbar in the left bottom corner (creating a lot of mouse travel).

Maybe I'm just blind, but is there no whatsapp icon?

Does someone know if Maya supports Microsoft Exchange Calendars? 

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If I install Virtualbox in Freya, and I reboot I can't sign in anymore. If I reinstall elementary desktop and reboot, everything works again.
Any reason why this would be the case?

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It would be nice if these icons could be made :)
Also; In headerbar applications the maximize button is a weird squere, could this be fixed (should I file this bug on Github or is this good too?)

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I just reinstalled Freya 0.3.1 on my laptop, but I'm having some issues with Grub. I first tried a manual install (efi partition, homepartition, root partition and a swap partition) but that didn't boot. After that I used the default "Remove everything and install elementary OS" Option but that doesnt boot eigher. I'm a little out op options now :(. Anyone has an idea whats going on?

Dell XPS 13 2015
5th generation Intel core i5
8gb ram 1600mhz
elementary OS Freya 0.3.1 64bit
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