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What To Do When Mommy is Out
You and I both know that behind your confident macho exterior
you are scared to death.   I know that you
love your kids, but you saw the maniacally eager expression that flashed across
your wife’s face when you agreed to watch the kids for a couple of hours...

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Daddy-Daughter Date #5: Picnic in the Living Room
Our original plans having been thwarted, Bethel, Eden, and I began another home bound daddy-daughter date.  We set out to have an indoor picnic with high expectations. Bethel was in a particularly helpful mood, and as I was getting ready I had one dish to w...

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There are no perfect parents.
I do not want to give you the false impression that things
are always rosy at the Blanshan house.   I
try not to write anything bad about my wife and kids.   First, because I grew up as a P.K.
(preacher’s kid), and I know that every word I say publicly has ...

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Daddy-Daughter Date #4: Trip to the Zoo
Today we went to the Zoo of Acadiana.  Bethel has been there three times, thanks to Granddaddy Dill, who gave us a year's membership.  Sarah had to work today, so the girls and I loaded up and went in the red van.  I worked hard to find clothes for them tha...

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Daddy-Daughter Date #3: Shadow Theater & Tea Party
For Daddy-Daughter Date #3 we had thought about going
several places, but from past experience we've learned that Saturday is a bad
day to go to any kid’s places.  Bethel is not in preschool, so we have the
freedom to go to parks, libraries, and the zoo whi...

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Daddy-Daughter Date #2: The Library
Today we went to the library.  The library is one of Bethel's favorite places, and she lights up whenever you tell her where we are going. First, we got dressed to go, and she picked out her own shoes. Next, since Sarah was gone, I fixed her hair.  She was ...
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