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Excuse me while I pat myself on the back, but I left the Windows fold in late 2007 for Mac, and never once regretted it. More recently, I've become a Chroembook evangelist, and have "converted" two family members to Chromebooks.

They're happy, I'm happy, and we all have more time to do more productive things than maintaining, updating, reloading, rebooting, reformatting, and fixing Windows PC issues. When the tools begin demanding more attention than the task they were designed to do, it's time to switch. 
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I use a Mac at work, and Linux and lately a chromebook at home. The problem here in Hungary, is that a Wndows laptop costs less than a Chromebook, and it's not the HP stream. I find no logic, except Maybe that retailers think the small and light form factor makes it an ultra book or something
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My Mazda6 is the third Mazda I've owned, and is the second I've bought from George Jankowski at Independence Mazda (formerly Montgomery Mazda). When the dealership was sold to new owners, I was pleased to see that Mr. Jankowski remained on their sales staff. He knows the product, and spent time and effort to get me the car I wanted at a reasonable price. The service department at Independence is excellent, too. Robert Benfield is another former Montgomery staffer who remained, and he has provided valuable assistance when I had my Mazdas serviced. I live a good bit closer to another Mazda dealership, and for all I know, they might be very capable too, but it's worth driving the extra miles to Independence where I have had such good experience with the sales and service staff. For buying a new Mazda, or for maintaining a not-so-new one, I recommend them highly.
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My favorite restaurant in Charlotte, of any type or cuisine. Varied menu with Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese dishes, plus almost daily specials or features that are always good, especially the fish or seafood dishes. Atmosphere is nice and the service is always good. Go there once, and they'll be eager to introduce you to their specialties. Go there a second time, and you'll be treated like a valued regular. The staff are knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly, without being obtrusive. Prices are quite reasonable, considering the type and quality of the food. Been going there since they opened, have never been disappointed, and can't say enough good about the place and the folk who work there.
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