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I prefer consensual relationships and voluntary exchange. Try voluntaryism instead.
I prefer consensual relationships and voluntary exchange. Try voluntaryism instead.

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#RIP Christopher will be missed.

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#GamerGate - An Issue With Two Sides | by Allum Bokhari of +TechCrunch 

Finally, an article that illustrates and summarizes both sides of the issue in a more objective and fair manner.

Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome.

If you enjoy action/comedy/comic book-ey movies, it's a must see. Surprisingly, it's my most favorite film of the year so far.

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Ha ha Statists, now you get how freedom and the free market works when oppressed!

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The Land of Frankenstein, by John Taylor Gatto | +SchoolSucksPodcast 

The first installment in the second phase of the Best of John Taylor Gatto series, based on John Taylor Gatto's book, The Underground History of American Education.

This excerpt is from Chapter Seven: The Prussian Connection, 
Section 88: "The Land of Frankenstein" 

Get the book:

The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend With John Taylor Gatto (Documentary)

#JohnTaylorGatto   #schooling   #schoolsuckspodcast  

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+Joe Rogan Experience #538 - +Stefan Molyneux 

Stefan Molyneux is a Canadian philosopher. He runs the #1 philosophy show on the internet, Freedomain Radio, and also runs a very popular YouTube channel.

#podcast  +Freedomain Radio  #FreedomainRadio  +PowerfulJRE  #philosophy   #JoeRogan  

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Aphex Twin Announces New Album SYRO Via the Deep Web

First new album since 2001 [can't freakin' WAIT!]

A green blimp with the number "2014" and the Aphex Twin logo appeared in London's skies this weekend. The Aphex Twin logo then appeared all over New York City. Go ahead and get full-on excited about that now, because Richard D. James has just announced SYRO, his first Aphex Twin LP since 2001's Drukqs. It was announced via Tor, the deep web browser typically used for the internet's more clandestine pursuits.

#AphexTwin   #RichardDJames   #braindance   #IDM  
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