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And once more...

Don't mind me... I'm just playing around

I just signed up for #ifttt

FYI I was hacked yesterday. Boooo! I have recovered my account, but please ignore all correspondence from the last few days, especially links and files as it likely was not from me.

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Here is the link I was talking about earlier. Fascinating, watching all of the different versions of Origin of the Species come to life. So amazing what good design and some computer code can do!

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So sad. We should celebrate every garden because of it's commitment to fresh healthy food, self reliance, and good hard work.

Wow! So, on the mobile version (browser version on my iphone) it allows you to see anyone in your circles by physical proximity when you click "Nearby". I think that has some awesome applicability. Some opportunity for abuse as well, but some great things could be done with that. I'm sure many people have already pointed out the features I am just now discovering. :)
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