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Game designer and tree geek.
Game designer and tree geek.

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The Flexible Facts of Life is coming!!! Check out this Kickstarter and consider buying a copy (or four!) for you or a family you know.

This is such a loving book from a thoughtful parent for people whose lives are full of affection & caring but who come together in many different ways. A book for families to read together to learn about the facts of life, with sweet illustrations and stories from daily life that welcome children at all ages to feel seen, heard and understood. 
Surprise! I'm doing a kickstarter with my sister to help bring her book celebrating all sorts of families to a wider audience than our own dear kids and family friends. Families are made in a great variety of ways, and we are excited to support children and parents, and their quest for fun stories and meaningful conversations based in love and understanding.

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Damn the Man, Save the Music! launches on Kickstarter in 7 days. Today, I'm delighted to share the cover with you, illustrated by +Evan Rowland. I really love it.

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Anyone catch Bob's Burgers episode Zero LARP Thirty? It completely normalizes the term (though the sentence capitalization faction--of which I am one--took a blow :) as a ritzy, up-scale form of geeky fandom entertainment. One participant lists off the major entertainment franchise larps that they've already done.

It's very West World! (Mind you, I've not seen the series yet, but watched the film recently.) Yeah, Bob's totally frames larp how the entertainment in the 1973 West World film does for those players.

I feel torn about it. Great to just have the term out there, and seen as a thing that anyone might want to do. But it's such a far cry from where the term comes from, what it means to me that it feels oddly distant.

Hi everyone,

Gearing up for listing more games and designers. Ever more important in a world oppression & autocracy have loud advocates in the highest offices.

The amazing success of Bluebeard's Bride and Dialect last year, and the continuing thriving of game collections like Golden Cobra have given visibility to many diverse voices in game design.

Looking forward to seeing what you're excited about! And seeing who we can support by continuing to spotlight their games. And look forward to better supporingt materials for running games at cons being available.

Yours in solidarity,

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Wishing us all some deep abiding love, this February.

This month, folks who pick up a copy of the Romance Trilogy book receive a greeting card for a friend or sweetheart. One comes free with the book, and they can by bought separately as well.

Valentines Day is a time that is about sharing love, but it can also make people feel isolated and alone. So these cards are not just for lovers, but for beloved friends who also make the world go round.

And many people's love gets left out of the popular conception of romance--so I've included polyamorous options, and welcome suggestions of custom greetings to add.

I chatted with Dr Tom the Frog about this recently ( And thanks to my sweetheart +Epidiah Ravachol for the idea for this special. <3

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Dr Tom was kind enough to have me on his show! We talked about love, a new Mary Shelley/Frankenstein larp I'm working on with +Kenneth Hite and I had to choose between two passions of mine: Chandler & Austen. Enjoy the show!
A new +Dr Tom the Frog show is out on the Gauntlet YouTube channel! This interview with +Emily Care Boss is really exciting because she talks about a new offer for Valentine's Day for Romance Trilogy purchases and also a new LARP she's designing (it's really cool!)

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+Epidiah Ravachol and +Nathan Paoletta talk Rockford Files! Such a great show, with a stellar lead in James Garner. Excellent grist for the rpg mystery lover in us all. 
Episode 4 of Two Hundred a Day: The Farnsworth Strategem is out! +Epidiah Ravachol and I discuss this beautiful con game of an episode, and talk about elements to use and pitfalls to avoid when presenting similar situations in your games and stories.

Find all the links to subscribe here:

And if you like the show, you can help us cover those darn expenses for just $1/episode via Patreon:


Any actors out there familiar with the term "character bleed" associated with the Stanislavski sytem of acting or Method acting? Just learned about it, and wondering how that didn't cross over to rpg discussion long before I talked about bleed in Finland in 2007?

Love to learn more and get some references. Turned up very little in searches on the web.

Thanks to +Jerome Larre Coralie David

(edited for accuracy)

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Last few days of #Epimas! Enjoy the wonderful +Brie Sheldon and +Epidiah Ravachol talking about where it came from, what it means.

Think of the Stocking Stuffers & Bundles for last minute gamer gifts. Then Epiclaus will put you on the list, too. <3
What is Epimas? Let's ask Epidiah!
I was lucky enough to chat with Epidiah Ravachol about his yearly event, Epimas ! Epimas is really an amazing event and involves much of the indie gaming community, and Epidiah wanted to share the story behind it and how to participate with my readers. Chec...

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Epimas Season!

Bringing gaming and holiday cheer to a game table near you. Epimas, the annual celebration of fellowship & play launched this week. Game bundles will be delivered to you, and to a friend on Epimas, December 24. Find the whole story at the Worlds Without Master site! (link below)

We're wishing you Merriment, Love, Joie, Good Will, Comfort, Warmth, Mirth and Cheer--which may be particularly welcome this year. Buy a bundle of games for yourself, and pass along those wishes to a friend who will enjoy them, too.

You can find the Romance Trilogy in the Love Bundle, along with #Feminism, Our Radios are Dying and The Whispering Road.

New Stocking Stuffer bundles will be announced throughout the next week.

Enjoy & happy holidays!

+Epidiah Ravachol +Caitlynn Belle +Lizzie Stark +Misha B +Anna Westerling +Brent Newhall
#Epimas #RPGs #holidays
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