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Little bit drawy, little bit writy.
Little bit drawy, little bit writy.

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How does this sound? Too harsh?

Fighting multiple opponents at the same time adds +1 per extra foe, to the throw to avoid being hit. A warrior beset by four angry kobolds would add +3 to his d20 throw. However, no more than five man-sized or smaller foes can attack a single character in one round.

Characters may team-up on a single foe and attack with advantage providing they can muster at least one more attack than the enemy.

Alternate Damage Rules
A quick hack of The Hack.

Weapons come in three damage types or sizes:

Light weapons, 15 coins (d6): Dagger or knife, improvised, unarmed, light club, hand axe, sling shot etc.
Medium weapons, 25 coins (d8): Short bow, sword, battle axe, light crossbow, spear, javelin etc.
Heavy weapons, 50 coins (d10): Two-handed weapons, long bow, heavy crossbow, poleaxe etc.

Classes remain limited to the weapon choices given in the rules but 2-handed weapons no longer carry the +2 penalty. Using a heavy weapon with STR less than 13 incurs a disadvantage. A character with a class and STR-based disadvantage simply cannot use that weapon effectively.

Warriors gain +1 damage step (and an extra step at level six) so when they use a knife it does d8 damage instead of d6. Clerics and rogues don't get a step adjustment; conjurers get -1 (so their dagger does d4 rather than d6).

Adding a damage step to a d10 weapon makes the weapon d12 of course; adding a second bonus step turns the d12 into d12 + 2 points rather than d20 (unless the referee wants to unless the big die).

The back stab ability should do +1 step of damage plus the thief level.

That's it. A bit wordy, a little bit more complicated. Not better, just a bit different. Warriors get tougher, the other classes remain the same.

The penultimate session report for my Orlanthi initiation adventure.

Low Road to Hightable: Session Three (The Ballad of Brennus)

After accepting the unconditional surrender of the remaining Trollkin, the party agree (reluctantly in some cases) to continue to explore the caves and in particular the tomb mentioned by Noe-Nod. Brennus and Doone carry the huge timber beam they liberated from Hedgepin’s sleeping area and use it to bridge a gap that leads to the tomb. It looks to have been uncovered by a quake some decades earlier. Maedoc proves, again, that he’s not built for anything but a completely flat surface; he alone needs assistance after tumbling off the beam.

Inside the tomb, Eluria uses light spells to illuminate much of the area and all of the guardian skeletons. Naturally a fight ensues with Brennus and Doone attempting to use the wooden beam as a battering ram to take out the undead. Neither men grasp the idea of the ram and quickly resort to normal weapons which turn out to be remarkably effective (Brennus’s double critical made quite an impact). After the battle Brennus and Doone put their muscle into dislodging the lid of a stone casket where they find a Tarshite skeleton and an unworked length of iron. As usual Brennus proclaims that great and rousing songs of his many achievements will echo through the hall of ages.

Upon leaving the Trollkin’s submerged caverns and climbing back to the Initiate’s Road, no one is surprised when Maedoc goes bouncing down the cliff and has to be hauled up on the end of a rope, his pride bruised, along with his knees, shoulder, head and other sundry parts. Refreshed from camping by the lakeside, the party make good progress along the trail arriving at a crossroads before dusk. Their map indicates that they should search for another bronze disc but Doone and Elura are of the opinion that the three men from Pavis had already found it and sold it to the initiates. Whilst this point of order is discussed a rock lizard awakes from its slumber and makes a bid for Doone’s head; Maedoc lobs a javelin (impaling roll) and pins both it’s hind legs together.

Finally, within sight of Hightable mountain, the characters come across a fresh growth of moon berries. Knowing of their healing properties they begin harvesting the fruit but end up angering a clutch of nearby weapon snakes. A surprisingly long battle commences (thanks to miss after miss by all concerned) ultimately resulting in a number of dead snakes. Maedoc is particularly pleased as his sponsor had charged him with collecting weapon snake tails. A disc is also located amidst the berry patch.

With the berries harvested and only one more disc to collect, the party makes camp and retire to the tuneless humming of Brennus.

After the session, I put together the following song for Brennus.

The Ballad of Brennus
Brennus his name, a Rune Lord to be,
He's not very tall but not hard to see,
Armed with an axe, that's bigger than me,
He kills all the skellies, one, two and three.
He swims like a stone, he climbs like a brick,
Looks best in a helmet, but he's a tad thick.
Cracks open the casket, a little too quick,
What does he find there? It could be a stick.
It could be a stick, it could be a stick,
Brennus the Rune Lord, a bit of a dick.
It could be a stick, it could be stick,
Oh lord let it be, much more than a stick,
Much more than a stick, a stick, a stick, a stick….
Brennus his name, a questor was he,
Met three men, from Pavis you see,
The going got tough, he just had to be,
Off to the bushes, for pooh and a wee.
Down to a dark cave, Brennus was bound,
Nothing to see, nor even a sound,
Look over there, trollkin we've found,
A swing of the axe, death all around.
It could be a stick, it could be a stick,
Brennus the Rune Lord, a bit of a dick.
It could be a stick, it could be stick,
Oh lord let it be, much more than a stick,
Much more than a stick, a stick, a stick, a stick,
Much more than a stick!

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A White Box alternative
Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of WB; I'm currently playing in a PBP game that's just reached its first year. Great stuff.

But, I'm surprised it gets all the love whilst, in my opinion, a far superior game seems to get neglected.

I'm talking about Delving Deeper. it's available as a digest-sized book on Lulu for cost:

You can download the PDF (and MS Word documents for modding) freely here:

And there are some adventures and support material available (free) that are magnificent:

Unlike WB, DD is based on the first 3 D&D booklets (WB is derived from the first two, presumably so players would be inclined to purchase WB Complete). So you get the full wilderness experience and dungeon activities.

it's also superbly done. The rules allow for the random creation of a viable fantasy map.

It's great, it's free (or cheap), it's complete, it's been in continuous development since before 2012, it's better than White Box. Give it a go.

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Last one I promise. This is a minor variation on the generic character record with an old-school font and just a little more space for everything.

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Fighter sheet - providing I've interpreted Fighting Styles correctly.

Quick question please Steve, does a fighter gain new styles as he or she advances in the way a rogue gains tricks and techniques or does the fighter just get to swap styles with each level?

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Dedicated rogue character sheet (and magic user now fixed).

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The first of my class-specific character records. I like this one!

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I've really enjoyed the WB house rules - any chance of seeing them incorporated into a version of the game at some point?
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