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Raechel Megahan
Enjoying the day-to-day but keeping my eye on the future.
Enjoying the day-to-day but keeping my eye on the future.

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This finally seems like a tablet worth getting. I do wish it were a 10-inch but I can sacrifice. I like that it has a good processor and 2Gb of memory, usually you get one or the other. The updated Android OS, reasonable price point and USB port also sell it for me. I'm anxious to see user reviews as it's more formally released today, no doubt someone at #BestBuy  is in a bit of trouble for the early upload of this page.

For my IT friends - my church is looking for a part-time (20hrs/wk), PAID, intern. If you're interested let me know and I'll give you more details and connect you. If you're new to the field or looking to grow in the career you'd be learning from someone very knowledgeable!

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I think this is a horrible idea for so many reasons. The chances of you paying more than the average $32,000 #Oregon  tuition by paying 3% of your salary for 24-years is very high. This also allows the #college  to charge more to those with higher financial potential and I'd bet most students would still take out loans to cover books, room & board and other associated college costs. What are your thoughts?

Hi all, I'm getting lost in Google! I have a YouTube account for my organization. It's owned by an email address that does not end in yet I'm nearly positive it's not a legacy account. This email address will be gone in about a month. I need our YouTube account to be owned by a google apps email. Also not ending in but still technically Gmail. Is there any way to move ownership of this YouTube channel? I'm still experimenting with different options, looking for info but I thought I'd post here as well. Surely other people have run into needing to move a YouTube channel before? Any help would be awesome, thank you!

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For anyone interested... 

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This is how I turn my crock pot on/off from work. The #belkin   #wemo  is now in Beta mode for Android but it works great on my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

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I really think this will be the new basis for the idea of á la carte TV. Less known channels on #YouTube are only $2/mth whereas a bigger channel like UFC is $6/mth. In essence, you're only subscribing to the channels you want. Yes, it's a different platform and way of watching but our computer and TV screens are ever merging. Many TVs come with Internet access and YouTube quick buttons already. I don't think there is anything I'd subscribe to yet but I'd love to see this rival the traditional cable companies!

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This is perfect! They are making money & spreading awareness at the same time. Wow, Facebook can keep trying to sell their gift cards but I do believe Twitter wins this one.

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This is a really cool approach to teaching vocabulary. I'd be interested to see if the same group can do something similar with other subjects.

Anyone else have issues with syncing their Google calendar to their #Galaxy Note II? I'm using the calendar app that came with the phone and I'm having just random issues both ways... each time I try to sync through settings it says calendar sync is experiencing errors.
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