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Photographers. Customers. Support Heroes.

Did you know that we have 34 Support Heroes around the world? They work 365 days a year, try their best to answer every email and chat within the hour (if not faster), and are the backbone of everything we do at SmugMug.

The first place we look when we need to hire a new hero is our very own community of customers. They are photographers first and really understand what customers are looking for when they reach out for help. Heroes - we couldn't do this without ya.

Check out or hero portrait gallery:
Give em a shout if you need a hand:

Video shot by: +Anton Lorimer 
Heroes featured: +Schmoo Theune +Nick Wrzesinski Ana Pogacar

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I never realized how bad a web site design is that I use daily where scrolling is required to get anything done. Every facet of the design requires scrolling. We finally decided to go with a new site. The new site is built with everything on one screen, very little scroll. Loving the design. I was feeling bad about leaving the other company. The feature set of the new software more than makes up for the regret. The new site design will go public soon and I cannot wait to see how it is accepted.

Frak... We are such horrible parents. Heather put Gracie down for a nap. Gracie occasionally has screaming fits when we put her down. So we ignored her. 15 minutes later I go to peek and see if she is ok. As usual she is standing at the end of the crib, mad at the world. I go to pick her up and I find out why she is screaming. She is stuck. She jammed her chubby knee through the railings and bent the foot back in. She could not lay down to take her nap. It took both me and Heather to get her free. Poor kid thinks we are both idiots now I am sure.

Oh, and F you facebook for blocking my post for being too long.

The signal to noise ration on twitter has gotten out of hand. I am really starting to think about posting on G+ now instead. I get the feeling that the people here are the ones I really care about anyway. Most of my twitter followers think I am a Canadian country music band by the same ID. The only downside is I do like my twitter posts to update my wall on Facebook. I could probably add my facebook account as an email friend. I might try that tonight.

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Group plans to convert old Elliston Fire Station to thrift store

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Elliston's first female junior firefighter wears pink for breast cancer
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