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Over the past few years, some decorative paint finishes have waned in popularity, while others are making a comeback. Whether its a clean color pallet or a bold one, lacquered walls can make all the difference.

You may have noticed that wallpaper has been making a comeback for the past couple of years. 

Spring Decorating Guide -- With Easter just around the corner, many Dallas homeowners are looking to give their homes a fresh new look for spring. Cleaning and organizing aren’t the only ways you can get ready: there are decorating tricks that can give your home a whole new feel too. 

Transitional Design Tips - Even if you’re not familiar with the term ‘transitional,’ you’ve probably seen this interior decorating style before. Transitional incorporates elements of both traditional and contemporary design, and has been very popular in Dallas for the last few years. It’s easy to imagine why: by redesigning your home from traditional to transitional, you can update its look while retaining some of the classic elements in traditional design.

Mediterranean Interior Design Tips - As an interior design style suited for warm climates, Mediterranean design can be found even in Dallas homes, far from the Mediterranean Sea. Also known as “Spanish Modern,” and sharing many characteristics with Tuscan style, Mediterranean style originally comes from countries like Italy, Greece, Morocco and Spain. This interior decorating style became popular around the world because of its welcoming feel.

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Modern Interior Design Tips - With its timeless and minimalist look, modern interior design remains a preferred interior design style for homeowners in Dallas and across the nation. Modern design can bring out the best qualities of your space because it is a clean and uncluttered style, which emphasizes a small collection of carefully chosen furnishings. Many people use the terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ interchangeably, but there can be a difference.

French Country Interior Design Guide - French Country, with its rustic chic and old-world charm, remains a popular interior decorating style for Dallas homeowners. One of French Country style’s greatest strengths is its versatility. This style can be used for both country homes and upscale manors. Here at Chambers Interiors we have been asked to provide interior design services to French Country homes before and are experienced with this timeless style.

Christmas Dining Rooms - Dishes of fruit, white candles, and autumnal leaves can be a welcoming and festive centerpiece for a Christmas dining table. Beige and golds can serve as the primary colors keeping Christmas colors to a minimum while decorating for the holidays. 
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