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The feedback has been great with IVC filter thus far in connecting real people with a real implant to lawyers who are able to help them. What firms are doing are taking product in place along with defective products as long as we're meeting at least 10% injuries. With the failure rate on the devices, they are having their clients get scanned each month.

For $350/lead, we are providing voice recordings & opt-in IP addresses. We have firms investing $150k and $75k each month into this and we're able to take one or two more as the volume has been 20-25/day+ for each firm.

We ran a $7,500 cash buy for PPI that resulted in 16 retainers, 5 about to be retained, and a few more potentials coming in. The retainers are clients signed up on the law firm's fee agreement and then also executing a HIPPA release form. We estimate around 20-25+ retainers for this budget. The firm is going to be investing $20k/week. We have potential for another firm at this rate as well with a minimum of $10,000/mo upwards to a maximum of $45/week before hitting diminishing returns.

The other run we're doing is $1,800/retainer (fee agreement & HIPPA release form) for Talcum Powder where we are screening very deep (BRCA Negative, etc). Also running very strong.

So much more going on right now to help firms acquire cases. Still potential in Co-Counseling and leveraging credit with Capital Solutions.

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Awesome attorney advertisement from Texas defense lawyer Brian Wilson 

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You always think there's one more peanut butter.

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Dribbling + Juggling = Mind Blown!
Check out our friends Corey "The Dribbler" Rich and "Jugglin" Josh Horton showing off their insane skills!

#Basketball   #Dribbling   #Juggling   #Sports   #Amazing  
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Who is the bigger threat in #TWDSeason6 – walkers or people? Find out from #TheWalkingDead cast and crew:

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Say goodbye to trans fat in processed foods. The FDA announced the ban today. More:

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"There's Very Little Employee Engagement Happening in Engagement Programs" by +Brian Solis 

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Frivolous or do you think these suits have legs?

The lawsuit alleges “Top Rank," Pacquiao's promoters, mislead the public when it concealed the existence of his injury.
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