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Maureen Upchurch
PR solo practitioner with beautiful family and happy life
PR solo practitioner with beautiful family and happy life

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Peter Pan and friends at #CYTAtlanta   will FLY across the stage at the Underground Theater of Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church starting November 20. The Johns Creek Herald shows that it takes more than Pixie Dust for the kids to head to Neverland.  Their October 28 cover story shares the details!

My company has a G+ page.  Another company, that may or may not be in the same building (not sure) has claimed the address for Google maps.  How can I ensure that, when the address is searched in Google maps, my name comes up on the pin?

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Great insights when dealing with complainers!
How to Hug Your Haters #ItsComing #PreOrder #NewBook  

Who needs praise and positive reviews?

I’ll take a hater any day. Every #customer #complaint gives your business an opportunity, and the rising trend of haters on social media may uncover more opportunities than you’d think.

I recently partnered with Edison Research (and +Tom Webster) to survey more than 2,000 #Americans to determine why and how people complain about businesses.

We defined the different types of complainers, and we came up with two categories: people who want help and people who want attention.

*** NOTE ~  I’m working on a new book Hug Your Haters, and I'd love it if you pre-ordered now because I’ll send you a ton of exclusive free bonuses!!

Head over to the #HYH  website to pre-order your copy:

#customerservice   #customersatisfaction   #HugYourHaters   #Complaints   #NewBook   #BookLaunch #2016

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Today starts our bi-monthly blog series - The Patient's Pen!  It follows a TRU patient through their integrative health and wellness journey!  Check it out!

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The 11th SkyHouse apartment complex will be built in Charlotte!  Another Batson-Cook Construction building to grace the city's skyline!
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