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I blog sharing my daily free ebook for kids alerts (typically kindle picture books), picture book recommendations, children's play ideas, and all about the imagination!
I blog sharing my daily free ebook for kids alerts (typically kindle picture books), picture book recommendations, children's play ideas, and all about the imagination!

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Does anyone have a favorite children's atlas? I'm looking for one. : )

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Great topic with Thanksgiving coming up!
Raising Grateful Kids

In today's busy world world stopping to focus on gratitude is so important. This week on #CoffeeBreak  I'm going to be talking with +Valerie Deneen +Giselle Achecar +Zina Harrington about how they try to encourage a true sense of thankfulness in their children.

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and join us!  As always the Hangout on Air will be recorded so you can come back at your convenience to watch.

#parenting   #gratitude   #thankful   #thanksgiving   
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Just a friendly reminder that we do not allow link dropping in this community. As moderators, it's very difficult to sort through quality links and spam. Always tell us what a link is about, why you are sharing it, and try to engage the community. A headline using *'s to bold is not required but will help your content stand out.

P.S. These are great tips for increasing your Google+ following on your personal profiles and in other communities too.

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Are you needing a special back-to-school decoration?

Love these free printable posters by +HarperCollins Children's .

Thanks +Susan Stephenson for sharing this in Great Books for Kids, otherwise I don't think I would have seen it.
Would you like some lovely children's book posters to decorate your book nook or classroom? Harper Collins has two free ones to download!
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Library Scavenger Hunt

+Erica MomandKiddo and I have put together a full set of summer library challenges over the past month. I think that many of you would be interested in them. Through mini-challenges we help a child & parent explore the fiction, non-fiction, and non-book resources of the library.

We just finished it up with a fun library scavenger hunt that includes a free printable:

We have already heard feedback from some librarians that they enjoyed the series. I would love to hear what some of you think?

##parenting #library #summerreading

What great library finds have you had recently?

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What to be a cool parent? Check out this water obstacle course:

Today I teamed up with Disney's Babble to bring you my water obstacle course. I am a part of a group of mom bloggers inspiring parents to be more intentional with their kids this summer. I hope you'll check out my contribution to our virtual summer camp.
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Alphabet Bingo

We are learning letters in preparation for kindergarten. My preschooler isn't too thrilled about it, so we turned letter review into a game: Alphabet Bingo. I made a free printable, so that others can enjoy it too.

If any of you have any tips or easy activities for learning letters, I would love to see them. I'm looking for anything that I can find!

#parenting #homeschooling   #kids  

We are working on the alphabet to get reading for kindergarten in my home. What are your favorite ABC books (I know that +Nichole Halliday just suggested one)? I would especially love to find some books that emphasize the lowercase letters of the alphabet!

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I'm really looking forward to this hangout about SEO tips for bloggers. What questions about SEO do you have?
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