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Proofing meaningful documents and stories giving my passionate best. Laser accuracy with a light touch!
Proofing meaningful documents and stories giving my passionate best. Laser accuracy with a light touch!

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Book launch!

LAST WEEK: to get a $22 clip frame and $17 book for JUST NINE BUCKS!! $22 clip frame + $17 book for JUST $9!!! One stop shop over here: Deal ends one week from today - on April 4th.

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Working with Elizabeth H has been quite a privilege.  Check out her Warriors of Aragnar Trilogy for a great story.  Book two is nearly complete (!) and I can't wait to see/read the final copy.  Editing it has been a joy!  Coming soon - the final book of the series!!books/e8euf 

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I'm excited that I have a couple of new books that I get to edit! Elizabeth Hornberger is coming out with the second book in her Warriors of Aragnar Trilogy - and I get to participate!

The other is Wayne Thomas Batson (Dark Sea Annals, Door Within Trilogy, Isle of Swords & Isle of Fire, Berinfell Prophecies, GHOST) is writing a short story for a late Christmas gift to his blog followers and I get to edit this, too!

So excited! 
Just finished proofing the proposed re-release of "The Sword in the Stars" by Wayne Thomas Batson - it's so good!  I love a good story, but I get very animated when I read a great story.

This one has a number of elements that grab my attention; first off that it is complex.  Not so many story lines that you get utterly lost, but enough to keep you on the edge of your seat while you move from one location/character to another, while you see the "net" tighten and are able to anticipate where he might be going.  I'm not always right, but I sure enjoy trying to put the puzzle together in my head before the author reveals it!  This being a re-release (hopefully before Christmas this year!), I already knew the story line.  However, there were parts of the story that I'd forgotten (or that have been expanded on), that were pure enjoyment to read.  I felt as if I were really there - in this alternate universe - where human lives are longer, and there are a variety of intelligent humanoid species that interact on a mostly reasonable plain.  Granted, they can't all interact well, or there would be no conflict!  But I look forward to the next book(s) as well... discovering where the people and focus will end up in the forthcoming installments of the Dark Sea Annals is a Christmas treat I highly anticipate!

Graphic finally posted!  Interested to hear your comments...

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An author friend of mine posted this blog about publishing.  I highly recommend it - especially for those who are more "timid" writers!

Working on an official graphic for this venture.  Hoping to post it here soon!  Amazing to me that a year has already passed by since I began posting here.  How many essays, magazines, quilt patterns, articles, newsletters, and books over the last year have I reviewed?! Quite a few!
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