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"Seems to me that Pastor Miller ignores the Thou Shalt Not Lie commandment."
"John Smith was hung for his perversity, molestation, and witch craft."
"If Christ were real, he'd denounce you for the immoral, lying sack that you are."
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Jakobi Kash
3 years ago
Pastor Miller, I do not know if this message will ever reach you. But as a man of faith and of Christianity you need to get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness. First of all being a Pastor (spiritual leader) you should know that God has warned about false religions in scripture and "Mormonism" is a false religion. It was founded in America in the 1800's and was and still is based on racism, polygamy, marriage & sex with underage girls, and false doctrine. If you read the history of the Mormon faith they say John Smith found scripture from God in the U.S. (which he found using a "seeing stone" which is an object affiliated with "witchcraft") and that is impossible seeing how christianity had been around long before any white men had ever stepped foot in the America's. John Smith was hung for his perversity, molestation, and witch craft. Also, you have no proof that Obama is a Muslim, a persons name does not explain what faith they are. Even worse you have the nerve to promote capitalism when in scripture the Lord our God clearly states that MONEY IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL! If you want to denounce anyone it should be these Illuminati Elite's and their Zionist partners whom created and controll the Federal Reserve and the fractional banking system. Meaning they create money and debt out of thin air in order to put men into servitude by debt. And incase you don't know "Zionist" (the lost tribe of Moses who left his flock) do not truly believe in God but they pose like they do in order to infiltrate and gain power among the masses of true believers to turn us away from our true faith. This type of blatant irresponsibility is what is turning people away from faith, Christianity and God. Causing masses to become Atheists or to turn towards false religions such as Mormonism, scientology, etc..... As a man of God you should show more composure, self restraint, and respect for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his Omnipotent Father our creator God..... You my friend have not only sinned but pushed many americans on the brink into the arms of a false religion that is in league WITH the Illuminati. The Illuminati is real, they are satanists and worship Baphomet (Satan) and partake in Pagan ceremonies and sacrifices both mock and real. If you want to stir up controversy make a sign about the Bohemian Grove and our leaders that go there and worship false idols. About our corporate CEO's and politicians who are all part of this evil practice of deception and control. Do something in defense of our God and your religion. Otherwise you are just a blasphemer and we know that scripture says, blasphemers go to hell..... The Devil comes in many shapes and forms my friend, and he uses people to do his bidding, and Mitt does belong to a false faith. And money and power is all he really cares about, just like George Bush who is an admitted member of "Skull and Bones" a chapter of the Illuminati. The world is ruled by Satan, (it is written) and you ARE doing the devils bidding by doing what you are doing! Mitt Romney wants to pump more oil, dig for more coal which is destroying the earth which God created for us. He will go to WAR with Iran and hundreds of thousand will die for the greed of a few ultra rich who never pay the ultimate price for their greed. How do you think our Lord feels about that? If you're going to fight a fight, then fight the good fight. Fight for the side of TRUTH, because if you betray your faith you WILL be reminded of those actions when you step in front of God in your time of Judgement, and he will judge each of us. I will be reposting this message on youtube, Facebook, myspace, etc..... Just to make sure you get the message. Pastor Ray Miller I hope you find it within yourself to ask for forgiveness and recant this foolish, prideful, unchristian statement and act. And make a nation wide public apology, because if you do not you will not find the forgiveness, enlightenment, and insight you so desperately need at this time in your life. I pray for you Mr. Miller. And may God have mercy on your soul.....
• • •
alex aleman
3 years ago
i read an article in the express paper today..why would a pastor put something like this at a chruch ..... god created men and woman to be equal... not a place that's called his house to be wife's nephew is a pastor and i called him on this matter and he said that this person ray miller should thrown out of god's house....
LoAnn bonstein
3 years ago
It is this type of mentality that has turned me away from ALL churches and Christians. Somehow I thing your Jesus would be very uncomfortable with this of diatribe. Shame on you!
Evelyn Conner's profile photo
Evelyn Conner
3 years ago
Disgusted you call yourself a "church" ... may you lose your 501(c)3 status immediately.
Pete Lawson's profile photo
Pete Lawson
a year ago
Seems to me that Pastor Miller ignores the Thou Shalt Not Lie commandment. Furthermore he is supporter a non Christian Mormon who is a follower of the polytheistic Mormon cult. How does that mesh with Christianity? I suppose if you are bigoted enough (and try to use scripture to backup your hatred) then Christian principles don't matter.
Allison Segreto
3 years ago
This is why churches should be taxed. Preaching from the pulpit is unethical. But I guess so is Pastor Miller. If Christ were real, he'd denounce you for the immoral, lying sack that you are.
Michael Schor's profile photo
Michael Schor
3 years ago
For SHAME!! What do you think your buddy Jesus would think of your lies and deceptions???? Cowards.
Garrett Mcdonald
2 months ago
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