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What is prayer?

I heard the most beautiful answer to this question recently, and I want to share it with you.

The answer came from a Tibetan Buddhist abbot who’d spent the majority of his life deep in prayer in Nepalese monasteries.

He’d just been approached by a Westerner who asked, “When we sit among you and your fellow monks in the chanting halls, we hear your mantras, chimes, and gongs…we smell your incense…we see you bowing down…is all of this your prayer? What exactly is your prayer?”

The monk smiled and chuckled a little. “You have never seen our prayers because a prayer cannot be seen. What you have seen is what we do to create a feeling in our bodies, and the feeling we create is the prayer.”

Click below to read the rest of the message.

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Feeling Down? Ask yourself these questions…

We all feel low from time to time. Part of the journey of being a human is to feel our way through life (Otherwise, what are we really? We are not machines…) However, feeling low for an extended period of time is not healthy or useful for anyone–and we should take care to avoid accepting a depressed feeling as our new ‘normal’ state of being.

If you’ve been feeling down and you aren’t sure why, I encourage you to ask yourself these six questions. They may help shed light upon some of the areas in your life that require nurturing.

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The short & sweet reminder today comes in video form. 

You can view the 3 minute message on my website (click below), or seek it out on my Youtube channel.


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What Does it Mean to Become a Queen?

A Queen Wears the Weight of her Crown.

It's not always easy. Sometimes she wants to remove the responsibility. Sometimes she wonders if she'd give it all up for a restful life with less burden to bear. But in her finer moments she knows she wouldn't trade her life for anything--and she proudly embraces her missions, goals, and dreams. She feels honored to guide her Kingdom.

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On a recent retreat, two of my sweet friends and I shared a room together, overlooking an incredible mountain at the edge of an old-souled forest.

As if the nature surrounding us wasn't nurturing enough, our room itself was decadent. We each had two beds (one to sleep in & one to act as a personal 'closet'), the bathroom floor & toilet seat were heated, and the doorknobs in our room were made of purple amethyst! 

It's no surprise then, in such a lovely environment & in the company of my beautiful friends, that I was inspired to create a deck of "Self-Love Cards".

Click below to read more about the power of creating your own Self-Love Cards!

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Go Only Where Your Spirit is Celebrated!

Your spirit longs to celebrate...and be celebrated! Joy, gratitude, and love are the essential vitamins for your spirit's well-being.

When you make the decision to go only where your spirit is celebrated, magical transformations will begin to take place in your world. People, environments, and experiences that are not aligned with your Divine purpose with swiftly fall away, and you will be blessed with a new reality filled with people, environments, and experiences that support your highest calling.

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I love feeling the earth underneath my feet & feeling rooted to the all-loving, all-powerful, supportive energy that pervades the Universe.

Sometimes we forget just how supported we really are; we feel as if we don’t have “enough.” Enough money. Enough time. Enough energy. Enough emotional commitment connection. Enough guidance. Enough love. Enough ability. How wrong we are!

We live in an infinitely abundant, giving, loving cosmos that has been created to support us.

God is always supporting you.

If everything you had was stripped away and you were left with no money, no job, no friends or family, no resources, nothing…you would still be grounded in something greater than all those transient things. You would still have God’s unwavering support. And you would re-build, because you are strong. You would create a new world filled with ever more magic than the world you left behind. You have that power, and the Universe supports you. Remember that when you’re feeling insecure.

I practice the following meditation when I need to remind myself how “rooted” and stable I am, regardless of who is/isn’t in my life, how much is/isn’t in my bank account, and how clear the future is/isn’t appearing to me.

Click below to see the Meditation and to Read about other Grounding Experiences, Foods, and Scents

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The Importance of Retreat

I am an enthusiastic supporter of retreats. When we move back and withdraw from our everyday lives, we gain perspective, clarity, and focus. Our spirits become rejuvenated after spending time in nature, in spiritual contemplation, alone or with individuals who are on similar, soulful paths to our own.

Whether the retreat is an hour from home or halfway around the world–whether it’s meditation based, a creative workshop, or a motivational seminar–give yourself the deserved gift of retreating to a place of privacy and refuge.

What follows are the most common forms of resistance I hear from clients when they know they must get away from the grind of their everyday lives, but they still hesitate. I am also including my thoughts on each reason/excuse!

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Your Dreams Come True when you Let Go of Fear

Read more about burning away your fears here!
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