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Liz Weaver
I wear many hats: PR rep, design/art/craft enthusiast, constant doodler, snarky beagle mom
I wear many hats: PR rep, design/art/craft enthusiast, constant doodler, snarky beagle mom


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What I did on my Staycation: Custom Colette Ginger Skirt
As you can probably tell from my serious lack of recent blog posts... only 2 last year... I've been a little busy raising a little human who just turned 1! As a celebration of his birthday and my birthday next week, I took a week off of my real life job to ...

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The Perfect Bag: A Rifle Paper Co. Super Tote
Over the past month or so I've been working on the world's most beautiful, perfect Super Tote (a pattern by Noodlehead). I say it is the most beautiful because the main fabric is by one of my hands-down favorite designers, Rifle Paper Co. They are primarily...

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Ahoy! Sewing a Sailor Top and Checking In
Well hello there. It's just me, sitting over here pretending I haven't fallen off the face of the earth (again). Today I'm sharing my experience with CreativeBug's class from Fancy Tiger Crafts on how to make a Sailor Top. Similar to many of my projects thi...

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Doing More Better: Which of These Things is the Most Me?
A few months back, I posted about how I have major commitment issues when it comes to settling on one particular style. It's why my craft box is always overflowing, I'm constantly taking new classes , and none of my patterns and designs look like they came ...

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Eat Your Vegetables: A Pattern Project Nine-ish Months in the Making
Today I wanted to talk about the creation of this veggie pattern I made because, as a creative dabbler, this is how things usually work for me... slowly but surely over a long, long time.  Sometimes I find this really discouraging--the fact that sometimes I...

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Ink, Print, Moo, Repeat: CreativeBug's Screen Printing for Beginners
Four or five years ago Kevin and I bought a Speedball screen printing kit to experiment with. Kevin made a few shirts, including these shirts for Team Battery Brewing , but I pretty much just helped because I found the whole process kind of intimidating... ...

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Fall Inspiration For People Who Just Aren't That in to Fall
Oh hey there. I know I just dropped off the face of the blog/earth for a few months and BLAMMO it's Fall now. Even though I'm grateful this year in particular for the break in 90+ degree days... Fall is probably my least favorite season on average. BUT, I'm...

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Advice I Have Not Taken: My Thoughts on Picking a Style
A few weeks ago as I was ruminating over my place in the world , I mentioned that my latest, biggest fear was that everything I’m doing is NOT GOOD ENOUGH (crazy talk, right?... right?) and I’m progressively trying to improve and DO MORE BETTER.  One area t...

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Washing With Color: CreativeBug's Watercolor Classes
Happy summer people! I just wrapped up CreativeBug's Beginner and Intermediate Watercolor classes taught by artist Yao Cheng. I loved her rapid-fire, just-go-with-it and move on style. The pieces came together quickly, so that even if something didn't turn ...

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Inspiration: Photos From Our Cross Country Vacation by Train
What could possibly compel a person to take a train from Washington D.C. to San Diego, California? The #RomanceoftheRails of course! (It's a thing). I really wanted to share a quick rundown of our recent vacation and (more importantly) some of my favorite p...
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