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Al Pagan
Digital media artist, proud Geek Dad and Geek Husband.
Digital media artist, proud Geek Dad and Geek Husband.

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This year's Bespoked photos. My favourite was the Inisfree bike. Based on a Yeats poem, it had a sparrow in flight inscribed on the front hub that flapped its wings when the wheel turned.

There's nothing like Bespoked. 
Bespoked 2015
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Al Pagan commented on a video on YouTube.
Fantastic work! Great to see web technologies pushed beyond the confines of the screen. And so refreshing to see someone else's demo failing as spectacularly as mine so often do!

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A fantastic except from a book of conversations with Werner Herzog. I have to watch Grizzly Man now.

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When even corporate high street chains can't guarantee good service, where to go then? And I doubt that throwaway suggestion of going to local businesses for low cost quality laptop repairs has any evidence to back it up. Certainly isn't the case around Worcester, eh +Beth Walsh?

The Guardian: Customers overcharged for simple laptop repairs, says Which?

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I'm working on a gamebook-based project at the moment, and I chanced across this site. It's dedicated to the Lone Wolf series, and features every single book in downloadable format!!!

Happiness points: +100

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Wonderful wonderful film that was commissioned by Le Tour Yorkshire. Having just cycled along the Beryl Burton Way on the weekend, it seems right that the film contains awesome footage of this awesome cyclist.

As far as the rest of the film goes, it feels similar to Big Melt, with unique archive footage mixed together with a bespoke soundtrack and no voice-overs, in order to tell stories, explore history, or in some cases, get plain freaky.

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Our Le Tour base camp. Out on a beautiful ride to Ripon today.
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