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Transforming Birthday Cake
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Transforming Birthday Cake - Animated Platform
Since posting this video on You Tube I
have heard from many people wanting to know how the animated
cake platform works. I have used my fair share of open source software and hardware
in my time so I am only too happy to share and give something back.  The ...

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This "animated cake platform" has a 3D printed skeleton. Steel fishing wire is wound up by a stepper motor which pull the skeleton to a standing position. A dc motor with leadscrew lifts the head and open the arms. All controlled by Arduino. It was a team effort by me and my wife who did the cake and icing.

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PunchBot - Post 2: Best Laid Plans Meet The Real World
Best Laid Plans Meet The Real World The very moment I began attempting to get some data out of the PunchBot hardware it became clear that I had some refining to do. New additions: US Digital Encoder, Gas Strut and extra much more weight. The "catch pad" was...

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Testing google+

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Word Quick Parts and the Internal Name Fail
I recently spend two days try to figure out why Quick Parts in my Word document were failing to connect, update or communicate with the SharePoint Server. Were they had been working perfect for days they were now silently ignoring all changes I made to 'Sha...

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I have been practising various Martial Arts for over 15 years now and I have always be curious about this one question: How hard can I punch? More than that I want to know "pound for pound" how hard can I punch. Is it all about size or does skill factory in...

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AMEC 2012 Booth
In early 2012 R-Group was planning to attend that years AMEC Convention to drum up some new business. But with a tight budget and the desire to make a big impact we need to get a little DIY. If you have even worked for a small-to-medium business you will kn...
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