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Hi, saya sedang di Solo. Ayo meetup!

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Introducing Sebar WordPress Plugin.

Display related content on WordPress Post/Page using shortcode. The plugin was shipped with a lot of cool feature, including content curation and analytic tool.

#WordPressPlugin   #Plugin #WPPlugin #WordPress #RelatedContent  

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The GitHub Linker Chrome extension is pretty handy for reading code on GitHub. It makes `require` statements clickable.

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The Android #TuringPhone is tougher than steel, boasts great specs, super security, and looks like it has been plucked out straight from a SciFi movie - an  iPhone beater in every sense of the word, in fact you could use this to repeatedly smash your iPhone and it would still be intact. Juicy specs: Waterproof, 5.5-inch screen with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution (full HD), a 13-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front-camera and a 3,000 milliamp-hour (mAh) battery. Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 2.5GHz quad-core Krait graphics, 3GB of RAM, 16/32/64GB of storage. Learn more:

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A fantastic invention: Jie Bao (of Tsinghua University) and Moungi Bawendi (of MIT) have invented an optical spectrometer small and cheap enough to attach to a cell phone, which can nonetheless perform comparably well to serious professional equipment.

Spectrometers are amazingly useful devices: they simply break light up through a prism, and report on how bright the light is in each frequency. That lets you recognize chemicals (each molecule has a distinctive color "fingerprint"), measure temperature (when you heat an object, it glows with a spectrum that's a simple function of temperature), and even measure the speed of objects. (If you know something's color when it's still, its colors in motion are shifted by the Doppler effect, just like an approaching siren's pitch goes up and a receding one goes down. The fingerprints of chemical colors give you an excellent reference point for that)

Bao and Bawendi's device is completely different from traditional spectrometers: Rather than using a prism and precision optics, they use an array of 195 carefully chosen inks and a CCD light sensor. The result is rugged and cheap – a few dollars, instead of a few hundred or thousand.

This is a tool that could revolutionize all sorts of devices; the authors give an example of a tool that could identify skin cancer just by pointing at it. (Cancers contain specific chemicals which produce specific optical fingerprints, after all!)

And more to the point, it's neat.

Dear Drs. Bao and Bawendi: TAKE MY MONEY!

Via +California Academy of Sciences.

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Cloning the repository...
In the newer versions of Popcorn Time, there is a "Collection" space, that lets you add torrents from magnetic or torrent files, or even search directly from Kickass Torrents and Strike engines! And this is just one of the new features!

The stable versions of Popcorn Times also have some issues, with the most annoying that they cannot connect to the APIs, that aren't present on Git builds.

If you are into JS programming you simply can get it from sources and build it.

If you aren't into JS, or if you are lazy, the Popcorn Time guys launched (3 weeks ago) a Jenkins build server that you can download development bundles!

Popcorn Time makes use of torrent services, both for upload and download. Use it with your own risk!
#PopcornTime   #torrents   #movies  

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Rendering engine animasi HTML5 dengan PhantomJs, FFmpeg, SoX dan PHP Programming Language.

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Hey fellas, we launched few weeks ago. IntelliPlayer helps you to implement Video Marketing tools in easy way!.

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Tutorial bagian pertama dari Herbert Framework. Sampai saat ini Herbert Framework masih dalam tahap pengembangan yang aktif, pastikan jika ingin mencobanya untuk tetap memantau setiap perkembangannya melalu
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