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Family Fun– Children's music and storybooks about Sam, The Broken Robot and his Pretend Family, cookbooks and free recipes, and Educational Online Games
Family Fun– Children's music and storybooks about Sam, The Broken Robot and his Pretend Family, cookbooks and free recipes, and Educational Online Games


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Love your posts - and follow them - hope you follow mine - - I also have a ton of great recipes along with the music and books that I have written for our 6 month to 6 year old grandkids - such fun being a grandma especially to identical boy twins!
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Post has attachment is a really fun site - and if you are a visual person - it will really resonate with you! It did for me - since I am audiovisual stimulated - guess that goes with writing music and making up stories for children that make them laugh - at - listen to samples of the songs, narrations and cool Robot noises and voices!
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Take a look at right here on google+ with lots of resources for families with identical or fraternal twins. There is an interesting article in National Geographic mentioned there talking about nature vs nurture - it seems that about 70% of all behavior is actually heredity - nature - see especially the paragraphs on identical twins raised by separate families - who met much later in life. Amazing.

Here is a quote:

The Jim Twins

The idea of using twins to measure the influence of heredity dates back to 1875, when the English scientist Francis Galton first suggested the approach (and coined the phrase "nature and nurture"). But twin studies took a surprising twist in the 1980s, following the discovery of numerous identical twins who'd been separated at birth.

The story began with the much publicized case of two brothers, both named Jim. Born in Piqua, Ohio, in 1939, Jim Springer and Jim Lewis were put up for adoption as babies and raised by different couples, who happened to give them the same first name. When Jim Springer reconnected with his brother at age 39 in 1979, they uncovered a string of other similarities and coincidences. Both men were six feet tall and weighed 180 pounds. Growing up, they'd both had dogs named Toy and taken family vacations in St. Pete Beach in Florida. As young men, they'd both married women named Linda, and then divorced them. Their second wives were both named Betty. They named their sons James Alan and James Allan. They'd both served as part-time sheriffs, enjoyed home carpentry projects, suffered severe headaches, smoked Salem cigarettes, and drank Miller Lite beer. Although they wore their hair differently—Jim Springer had bangs, while Jim Lewis combed his hair straight back—they had the same crooked smile, their voices were indistinguishable, and they both admitted to leaving love notes around the house for their wives."

Pretty amazing eh? Here are our bundles of twin joy.

Since we have identical twin grandsons - I am reading up as much as I can about this fascinating topic - and would welcome any resources from you - just email me at And thanks!
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Post has attachment is a wonderful resource - our identical twin grandsons are now 9 weeks - and the adventure of the rest of their lives lies ahead. I am so happy as grandma to have found this resource!
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I made this beef stew with my grandson Jack ( here seen climbing a tree) in about 5 minutes. He is not crazy about the squishy feel of raw meat, chicken or fish, but was more than happy to add the other ingredients - so easy - and also give it all a jolly good stir. Of course we always have grandma music playing - this time it was the Tickle Me Song ( i have added a sample in the above post to this song) which always brings a giggle!

Here it is!

Beef Stew with Wine and Mushrooms


2 pounds of lean beef (chuck is good - trim off the fat and sinew)

2 tablespoons of olive oil

One onion chopped

3 cups of red wine ( older wine that you may have opened and not drank, or cooking wine) I used a merlot that had been open for about a week or so and was in my fridge kept fo this very purpose!

I cup of reconstituted porcini mushrooms (if using the dried ones) or fresh mushrooms cleaned and sliced thickly

I packet of dried onion soup mix

I can of cream of mushroom soup

■Heat the olive oil in a large pan and place the onion pieces in in and fry until translucent and light in color. Remove and put into the slow cooker.
■Then add the chunks of meat to the pan, but don't let the pieces touch each other - they cook better that way - and don't over pack the pan either - do it in batches.
■When the meat pieces are lightly browned on each side- remove from pan and place in the slow cooker until all batches are done.
■Open the can of mushroom soup and add to the cooker. My grandson did the adding here and the stirring.
■Open the packet of onion soup and add to the cooker. My grandson did the adding here too and the stirring.
■Add the mushrooms and their water if you reconstituted them (or ad a cup of water if fresh mushrooms) to the slow cooker - again my grandson did this and gave it all a great big stir! Bits do fall out - but who cares!
■Add a 1/2 cup of water to the hot pan and scrape all the bits and pieces off it - and pour that into the slow cooker too.
■Add the wine and stir ( good for cooking with kids!)
■Cook on low for 8 hours ( or high for 3-4) and check to see that the meat is to your liking. I found that 3 hours on high and a few hours on low did it for me.
■Serve with mashed potatoes or rice. YUM!
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