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Michael Jefferson
Sweet like a butterfly, sting trolls like a bee.
Sweet like a butterfly, sting trolls like a bee.
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The browser that liberated me from IE.
Ten years on, still rocking Firefox.
Ten years ago, a handful of passionate people gave the world an independent choice -- Firefox. Share and tell us why you #ChooseIndependent:

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Angela Merkel hates annoying ads.

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Difference between Newspaper ads and online ads

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Malware ads go mainstream.

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APTs Target Victims with Precision, Ephemeral Malvertising  
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Advanced persistent threat groups are using malvertising in order to compromise the networks of their adversaries in what appears to be an example of high-level, nation-state attackers borrowing tactics from the typically less sophisticated cybercriminal arsenals. Attackers are also borrowing from the corporate marketing world by leveraging a form of high-speed advertisement placement known as "real-time ad-bidding." 

The campaign dubbed "Operation DeathClick" is precise, targeting victims based on a long list of characteristics, including user-agent strings like versions of Flash, operating system, java and browser; cookie-based, content-related interests; and geography- and corporate-based IP address ranges in order to target specific industries, companies and individuals. 

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Indeed!  Bugger off trolls!

Nice one Dave.
Why is it so easy to abuse people on Facebook and Twitter
I do not have any other accounts other than Google+ and I find it very easy to immediately stop any abuse by simply blocking the poster and deleting the offensive post.
Just recently there have been a lot of stories in the press about people getting abused on Facebook and Twitter, is it difficult to deal with the trolls on these networks and if it is surely Google+ has the upper hand and should advertise that trolls do not survive here. 

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Youtube Malware ads.  Sigh!!!

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Noscript blocks Cross-site scripting (XSS), Javascripts, Java, Flash, Silverlight, Anti-clickjacking.  Also blocks Anti-Adblock scripts, canvas fingerprinting.  Users can  whitelist their favourite websites.

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ScriptSafe for Chrome protects your browser from Javascripts, Cross-site scripting (XSS).  Java, Flash.  Silverlight, ClearClick (anti-clickjacking), canvas fingerprinting.  ScriptSafe blocks Anti-Adblock scripts.  Whitelisting options are available.

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