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I've inherited a project and the developer uses lots of interfaces (All good here!).

Then when they develop the interfaced classes, the methods from the interface are added in the private section of the class instead of the public.

All works good because of the interface.

I was wondering if this structure is a problem.

Hi all,

if I have an integer num set to 0, then "not num" should return 1, right?

Delphi returns -1

Is this correct?

I need some help from more experienced people to understand how reporting tools work.

I downloaded FastReports but I suppose the logic is the same with other tools and I created some reports based on clientdatasets.

Say I have two tables in a database T1 and T2. T1 has a one-to-many relationship with T2.

Based on what I read, I create clientdatasets for T1 and T2, link the datasets together and supply them to the report. All works fine up to this point.

At this stage, I've got two questions:

1. If I now have another table T3 which relates to T2, then I need to supply a new instance of clientdataset for T2 because of the relationship with T3, right? So, I end up with multiple datasets for T2 but with different links

2. I want the user to be able to create their own reports. If (1) is true, this means that I need to provide all the multiple instances available. This means that the user needs to have a significant knowledge of the database. Is this how it works? Shouldn't all the table relationships be formed at the database level?


I was wondering if you can help me with Delphi on Linux.

I've setup two VMs: one with CentOS and another with Delphi. The paserver runs on CentOS and the Connection Profiles and the SDK in Delphi all are good. The Test Connection button works.

Then, I create a simple console app with a writeln statement and try to run it on Linux but what I get is the message in the Event Log in Rad and not on Linux.

Anyone any idea what is wrong?


I am looking for an implementation of Bipartite matching algorithm in Delphi or Pascal.

Does anyone have a suggestion?


I'd like to ask about the status of CodeInsightPlus.I've used the trial and it is great product.

Is it still in beta? What are your plans for full and final edition?


I've recently started exploring Android development.

I'd like to ask how you debug the apps. I have Delphi in a VM and I use an Android mobile but the whole debugging process is very slow.

I've tried some emulators but they are even worst and some of them don't work in VMs.

Any suggestions? I've also seen some videos with a VNC connection? Anyone has any guides on this?


In 10.2.2, in the Debug toolbar, the button that allowed to Run Until Return does not have an icon and the button is unusable.

Can anyone confirm this?


On Windows, if my app needs to delete a file in the install location (eg. Program Files) does it need UAC? And if so, how do I do it silently?


Does anyone know if there is an equivalent component in FMX for TTaskbar and TJumpList from VCL?

Or anyone has some code that does the same job?

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