Today I voted in Alabama.

After driving down a confusing series of back roads all named "Lee" I showed up to the polling station at 7 Eastern only to learn that the doors open at 7 Central. Fortunately the crowd around me kept me entertained by comparing how full their bladders were. 

An hour standing in the damp and I was ushered into a room where the tables were set up so that everybody picking up a ballot had to walk through the lines of people signing in. I'm pretty sure the ballot I ended up with was for a mayoral race in Kyrgyzstan but the crazed look in the clerk's eye kept me from wanting to mention it. 

We were then shuttled into a room full of tables with no booths and given "privacy folders" so that other voters would not cheat off our answers. When we were done making our guesses we placed our ballots in a tabulating machine that was state of the art during the Nixon Administration. 

I love this country. It gives experiences like none other.
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