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Mitchell Hurst

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Fakery not hypocrisy
As the sad ballad of Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister winds its way through the news cycle and the tabloids , those who accused the self-professed Christian family man of hypocrisy [I did] owe the esteemed Congressman an apology. It turns out Mr. McAllister ...

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Mississippi to the rescue
Last week Mississippi became the latest state to address the horrific human rights issue of Christians being rounded up and sent to jail for publicly expressing their faith. Signed by Governor Phil Bryant just as a number of Christians were being lined up f...

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World Vision caves
Enough conservative evangelical heads exploded over World Vision's announcement that it would consider legal same-sex marriages equal to legal opposite-sex marriages in its hiring practices that the organization hastily reversed itself a mere 24 hours later...

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On "religious freedom"
Today the Supreme Court heard arguments in Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby , a case that will determine if the Religious Freedom Restoration Act , the aim of which is to prevent laws that substantially burden the exercise of one's individual faith, allows the owne...
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