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Norm Leonard
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Norm Leonard

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A few weeks old, but worthy of continued attention. One of the most compelling articles on climate change to date.
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Norm Leonard

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Laura Wheeler originally shared:
A species of Galapagos tortoise – thought to be extinct for over 150 years – may, in fact, be alive and well. cc +Nature News & Comment
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Goes to show just how little we humans know...
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Norm Leonard

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It's a well-established fact that absitnence-only programs don't work. This article is about a study that provides one more piece of evidence.

If you're a parent, you should support a strong sex education program in the school your child attends.Then take the time to educate your child about morality and responsible life choices at home. The best strategy is to take a well-rounded, factual, and realistic approach to your child's education.
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Absolutely.  But it must be an appropriate age, chosen by the parent, not anyone else.
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Norm Leonard

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rasha kamel originally shared:
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Norm Leonard

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Scientist. Educator. Leader. Natural Historian. Ecologist. Conservation Biologist. Herpetologist. Photographer. Philosopher. Student.
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